Thursday, April 24, 2008

Victorian Bustle Coat

This Victorian Coat was a custom order. It was just finished over the weekend and shiped to its eager owner on Monday. She should be reciving it soon. She had showed me some images and from those I had sketch a rugh idea of what she might like.

As you can see we had designed a lapeal and over flaps for the pockets. Since the time of the sketches I had worked on drafting the pattern certain things were taken out. The Lapeal was one of the first to leave the project. It looked good on paper but it just didnt look right on the Mock up I did.

You may have noticed in the sketches theire were 3 buttons well I decided to add a 4th becuse I had plenty of buttons and the 4th brought some balance to the coat. You may have noticed the over flaps in the sketches well when it came to the sewing the button hole in the flap we hit a major problem. The Velvet didnt like the idea at all. It jamed up in Willow's Sewing machine. It took her a whole day to get the pices of velvet out of her machine. So for now their are no Pocket flaps on it. She is working on a way to do them. The customer said if Willow could make the flaps and send them with instructions she could sew them onto the coat. The Final product of all this was a Purple Velvet Coat Lined with Gold Satain with gold satain ruffle cuffs on the sleeves. Their is Gold Metalic trim edging the whole project, Gold Rattail for the button loops and lace up loops in the back. 14kgold plated Buttons, and Gold wide ribbon for the laceing in the back. This allows the wearer to tighten or lossen the jacket For a form fitting look.

If you need something custom designed let us know We love Custom orders. Please note that custom designs are owned by Willow and she has the right to make others from that design.
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