Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Keeping us Alive

We are on the verge of shutting down!
We need your help in keeping our shop and our lives going. If you like for us to continue to bring and make amazing things, please consider purchasing or even hiring us for a custom job! If yo can't afford it then the most wonderful thing you can do is Share, Comment, Like us on Facebook and Google+ daily! Without your interactions we will defiantly disappear and die.
I have already noticed a giant decrease in interactions. I dont know if its because people are not engaged or if they simply are ignoring us. We try not to overrun with posting in a given day. I hate spamming, newsfeeds. My husband and I are not working currently and we are struggling to make the bills, we are actively searching for work get no benefits, our son gets SSI which is based off my husbands S.S. for his autism therapies and making it to the doctor. Still this is no where enough for a family of four which 3 of us have no health services what so ever.
Now we do not want donations we want our work to find homes. We have plenty of pre made items just waiting to find homes to find someone who would appreciate them instead of being in a dark box hoping they will get a chance to be out in the light. Yes we do consider our creations to be alive because a part of us went into making them. We have plans for new projects but we cant get them off the paper and into the world without your support.
Our New upgraded website is a lot easier to navigate about. Better shipping, and sharing of your faves on any social media you use! We can't afford advertising or paying FaceBook for promoting our posts. Sharing, re-tweeting is the only way we get seen. I thank yo for your time and remember to visit our website and etsy shop!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Patch Giveaway

To celebrate our milestone of 6,400 fans on face book (thank you all) we decided to host a giveaway. This begins today and ends on Saturday.  Winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have 24 hours to reply. Winner will get to chose 1 iron on patch from the embroidery designs we offer. No Purchase necessary to enter (although it couldn't hurt your chances). IF winner fails to contact us another will be chosen. Confirmed Winners will be announced.

The more you share and retweet the better!