Monday, September 26, 2011

Spell Kits

Magic is a complex art stemming from a wide variety of traditions, often requiring years of study of practitioners. But sometimes, life (and magic) can be made easier. Here you will find the wide variety of spell kits, spell mixes, and other aids that make the casting of a spell a little easier for you. Ready made kits provide you with all you need to cast a spell, while mixes and aids provide you with components already made or prepared to add to ritual magic, saving you time. Most are made and mixed by Willow and LeUrick, Please read each product to see who created it.

Spell Bottle Necklace- Hand mixed herbs, sealed with black wax, ready to be worn just write and recite your spell/prayer/intent.

Herbal Spell mixes to use with your own spells, Just make your sachet or burn as an incense on charcoal tablets.
Spell Kit- Everything you need for doing your spell. Hand crochet mojo/sachet bag which holds everything, A stone, Candle, Oil, Herb Mix, Charcoal Tablet, and Instructions on how to use and write your spell.

We Hand make and mix everything except the charcoal tablets. Enjoy