Friday, August 14, 2009

Support Our Troops and More!

Over the last few weeks we have gotten a few e-mails about Supporting our Pagan troops. We have received all sorts of questions. We broke them down to the most common ones that were asked.
Q) Do you ship to military bases and over seas?
A) Yes, if they have an address we can ship it.

Q) Can I have the items that i purchase shipped directly to a solder that I know?
A) Yes, Our site has the option of send this package as a gift which will allow you to put in the persons shipping address.

Q) Do you donate items to our Troops?
A) Yes for every 10 items sold one item is placed in the troop donation box we have started.

Q) Do you donate only ritual items?
A) No not just ritual items, we also send everyday needed items. From snacks to socks.

If you know anyone (Pagan or otherwise) In the military send us there wish list and we will help get it together!
If you are serving in the military and know others who need items we ask that you send us there lists as well. Addresses would be helpful as well as names.

We have been super busy moving our items into the new shopping cart on our website as well as creating new things.
We have been busy making soap, Knitted Hats, Knitted Fingerless mittens and gloves, and lots more.

For every Hat purchased 2 preemie hats are donated to the preemie ward of the hospitals.
For every 2 pairs of adult size fingerless mittens or gloves sold a pair is donated to the soldiers.
These knitted items will be out within a month as we are knitting the nights away to get these up and going.

We take pride in our freedom as it does cost something, Our hearts and prayers goes to those who are serving to keep us free. May they all return home and be with there loved ones.

*** Updated Questions about Us***
Q) I am having proplems checking out, what is it I am doing wrong?
A) A few things you could possably doing wrong, but should be easy to fix:
  1. You didnt create a customer account: This is vital that you create an account, we do not have Guest Check Out at this time and there for you cant check out as a guest. 
  2. You didn't complete one of the steps and hit send.
Q) Why can't I get a refund on Custom Clothing?
A) We use your payment to cover the cost of materials such as fabric, trims extra. Each item is made by the order and it is vital you take correct measurments. Refunds and exchanges on Custom clothing is impossable to do. This is becuse it take a lot of work to make these pices just right.

Q) My custom clothing is too small how can we fix this?
A) Theire isnt a way to fix it. In most cases you or how ever orderd gave wrong measurments. Our seamstress can do alot of magic but only if the numbers are correct. On these situations it is best to e-mail us and we will take it from theire.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July's Winner

We have a Winner!

ROOM 3 DESIGNS by Tiffany

She won our Coffee Supreme Soap! Congratulations Tiffany!

Thanks to all who entered Check back in a day or two to see Augusts Giveaway!