Friday, April 8, 2016

How You Can Help!

So the last 24 Hours we have been bombarded with questions! Awesome we love questions so in this post I will tackle a few of the common asked ones.

  1. How do we order custom made items?    Answer: On the website are some listing for made by the order which means we don't have them in stalk sitting on a shelf. We make this after payment has received. Now you will get an e-mail from me directly asking if you need anything special work done on the purchase. This can be color, adding symbols, runes, charging and cleansing sizing and so much other wonderful ideas. Custom Ordering is made for what you need. Now for custom creations not listed you will need to e-mail us directly and we will start the creation process with quotes research and anything else needed.  Fair warning as it states on our website Custom Ordering can and in most cases take longer so please order it well in advance to your special function. Weddings, Proms, Balls, Conventions please order at least 1 year in advance to your function. This allows time for special ordered supplies and to make sure it gets done right the first time.
  2. How can I help your sale if I can't buy anything? Answer: You can share your favorite creation on any media outlet you use! Sharing is awesome, and since we are a home based business with no funds for advertising this is a great word of mouth for us. Let us know you shared us by linking us!
  3. Why don't you do a donation drive? Well as good in theory that this may be, I rather work for my supplies. We have tried this in the past, but never works out well. TO many e-mails about begging or get a job. We work "Normal" jobs as well. We also provide services and in most cases this helps us cover our normal bills that our jobs seam to be short of.  If you would like to donate to our cause you may! We welcome all the help you want to shower upon us. You can do so by sending it to our paypal e-mail which is our business e-mail.
  4. Payment plans, what ever happened to those? We had to stop our layaway program, due to financial reasons. We now ask for a deposit on custom made items and then the rest of payment upon completion so we can ship it out. It varies case by case, so feel free to contact us about it. We now use Square for Live Events and PayPal for Online website. We no longer accept checks or cash by Mail. Live events cash is always welcome.

We hope this clears some confusion. Always remember we love getting e-mails with your questions so feel free to contact us!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

New Goals

Hi everyone, wow been a super long time since we used the blog.
I have been in a rut as in not much is going on lately.

We have Big plans for this year so keep a look out on what's to come!

We are currently holding a 25% off sale on our website, Our embroidery machine is dying and we need to upgrade very soon. Over the weekend I will be adding more goodies to the website.

We do have a facebook group, which allows us to have better one on one interactions with all our fans! If you are on Facebook feel free to join in!

Group Link:

Website Sale:

In the Works: Fairy Dolls inspired by Mythology and SciFi Cultures, Key Fobs, Altar Quilts. One of a Kind Jewelry and Wands.

We also do Custom work feel free to contact us!