Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our First Feature

Kathy from Go To Grate Panes has done a lovely little mention about us in her blog. One should see it its fantastic!
Our First Feature!

We have updated the shop! New images new Items! And their is a sell going on! better catch it before March 17th!
We will be adding 1 new item a day or as close to that as passable. Come and cheek out our great deals and Beautiful new creations.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A Special Thanks To Aquariann

This lovely artists has made our shop a banner and an avatar. She took one of our images and made it into our Etsy avatar, that was so nice of her. I was struggling with trying to make a banner that she stepped in and helped. I really like it and it makes me feel like I am about to step into a portal to visit the old world. One must cheek out her shop she has fairies every where!

Shop link

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A little about the artists:

Kristin lives near the sea, and has rarely been too far from its glittering waters. She was born in California at some ungodly hour in the morning on February 8th, 1982 - which makes her an Aquarius completely and utterly. Her parents moved several times before she was old enough to really remember - they just kept traveling east until they ran into the ocean again. She has been living on the east coast ever since. Although she grew up in Bethany Beach, Delaware, she attended Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and currently resides in Milton, Delaware.

Even though she majored in graphic design which principles certainly contribute to her art, she's a mostly self-taught artist. Messy mediums such as paint and charcoal have never been very nice to her, but the smooth glide of colored pencils is magic. She can't quite explain her technique - she just colors until she achieves the vibrance that suits the piece.

Although her fantasy prints are professionally printed by deviantArt, she scans all her own original artwork and makes each bookmark, magnet, sticker, and card with the help of her computer, Nightcrawler, and his trusty crew of inanimate helpers.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Days of The Nile

Go back in time, to a place where Egyptian Pharos ruled and Queens wore Exquisite pieces of jewelry. This piece was inspired by Queen Nefertiti.
Red and Black Egyptian Necklace: This pice is ready for shipment. It is on sale. Original Price $25.00 Sale Price $15.00
Custom Order Egyption Necklace: We have added more pics to the listing. These are made by the order which means you chose your color combinations. It will take at least 2 weeks to make 1 necklace and erring set.

We are hoping to add more pictures to the Bodices Listings by Midnight tonight. We are also hoping to add more listings by tomorrow Morning. We are working hard to update and Straighten out the shop. Come and visit us tell us how we are doing!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Bustier, Corsets and Better Pictures!

Hello Readers!

We have updated our Etsy Shop. We are still making changes so bear the dust and mess for just a little longer. By the end of February we should have more Corsets up.
Need something to help with muscle aches or to get in a special mood with your significant other? Try our Message oils, Helps with muscle pain and the combination of fragrance is sure to put a smile on your face. Great for Valentines Day!
We have updated the fallowing listings with new Pictures.
Dragons Blood Bath Salt
Black Opium Bath Salt
Red and Black Hand knitted Bag
Purple and Blue Hand knitted Bag
White Hand knitted Bag
Fall Colors Hand knitted Bag
Our newest Listing:
Red Crushed Velvet Bustier, This item is ready to be shipped!