Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Product Review: Mystic Eches

Recently I was involved with a trade. This review is on Mystic Echoes Tinctures. I had received 2 tinctures from this lovely shop.
First up Financial Success Tincture: My husband recently acquired a new job that he has to make phone sales, this tincture has helped. When he first started ha might have gotten 1 sale a week. Since using this tincture over 2 weeks he has gotten 6-12 sales a week. Maybe its combination of the tincture and his charisma. In any case it has helped. The tincture itself has a wonderful light scent. I highly recommend using it to help aid in your job.

Second Open Third Eye Tincture: I use this one. I suffer from chronic migraine pain. I normally pop 2 pills a day to help ease the pain. I decided to go without on the over the counter meds and just use the tincture. I place one drop on each of my temples and message for a few minutes. The scent of the herbs are light and not over powering which is perfect for all day use. You don't want it super strong to make you nauseous. Since using it once a day I have had no migraine pain. I am able to concentrate on my daily tasks, I am able to work without distraction of the pain. My opinion it really helps me with my migraine symptoms. I will defiantly come back for more.