Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art Fire

Well we finally took the Art Fire plunge. We are testing the waters here but so far we are loving it! We will be using all 3 sites as we have loyal followers on all 3! We hope you come visit us on our new place and take a look at all the lovely artists there!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Good Day

This day has been a very productive day for us. We did much debris clearing from hurricane damage back in August-September. An Oak Tree had fallen over and it has taken a while to pick up its pieces. Today we cut the branches into want lengths, made coin size cuttings for runes, and the bigger trunk we will be making alter tiles/plates with. Some of the small-med size branches will be little plates for holding charcoal burners and other items. We also will be trying to make our own ash collectors as well as incense holders. Big projects in the future once the wood has dried and cured.
And because of this we decided to look around the Texas Team on Etsy. Its a great team full of activity and wonderful artists of all kind. Looking in the shops favorites we came across a great find! This shop has not had any sales yet on etsy.

Vintage Crown Creations this little shop takes root beer bottle caps (and many others) and makes lovely pieces of jewelry from them. Such interesting pieces. Our Favorite is Imitation Pineapple Necklace. One should really visit their shop and spread the word about them. They look like they need some etsy love!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Ostara

Spring has finally arrived! March has roared in like a lion, and if we're really lucky, it will roll out like a lamb. Meanwhile, on or around the 21st of the month, we have Ostara to celebrate. It's the time of the vernal equinox of you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and it's a true marker that Spring has come.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Oh Monday!

We have been so busy lately. With the kids out for Spring Break (fever) its been a zoo here since Friday! We have accomplished some things this weekend, such as a new look to an old classic. We do mean our Votive candles which have a growing fallowing as of late. The candles are made from Palm Wax which gives of an interesting crystal look to them. Many candle makers dont like this wax but we love it for the fallowing reasons:
  • It lasts longer
  • Holds color and scent better then paraffin wax
  • When cooled it sparkles like little gems on the bottom of a cave that catches the right amount of light.
  • The wax is easily removed from our molds and off any surface that it was dripped on by accident.
Many Candle makers say because it lasts longer that its bad for business, we say different since we started using this wax and offering it in many colors and scents we have had more requests. Did we mention its Eco friendly? Its from a plant a grow able renewable resource, For this reason many have classified Palm wax as Eco Friendly. It still burns and puts of Carbon as any candle does because fire consumes. We try to be sensitive to our environment when we make our products. And with every customer feedback we get an idea of what you want from us.Photobucket We also have been busy with our soaps and free gifts, yes free gifts with every order. What could these gifts be? They are samples of our candles, soaps, incense, and anything we feel might tickle your fancy. Yes Its a surprise gift a thank you for ordering with us and here have a try at something else that might be of interest to you!Photobucket Did we mention Soaps? This is our plain Goats Milk soap, it came out really well for an hand milled soap. It melted very creamy and actually poured into the molds. Normally through the hand milled process its a clumpy thick fun mess to move around. But this texture was amazing to us. And besides Goats Milk is good for the skin right? Its not listed yet but son will be on our etsy shop.
Well thats it from us today but We did find other places of intreast! Support these Etsy People by visiting there shops!



And Item For Today: Sunlight Ripples
Vist Etsy Dark Team Today!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

More added!

And more to come!
We are getting our soaps up, for a complete list click here!
We have new color examples for our Candles keep an eye out for that post some very pretty looks!
Our latest Soap creation has coused some great comments. Most belive our Eyeball Soap is and are "Space Boobies" lol.
Decide for your self ;)

Friday, March 6, 2009

New items up

We have some new items up!
On Etsy:
Strawberry Loofah Soap
Victorian Rose Glycerin Soap

On Our Website:
Herbs in 1 oz
Bath Ritual Kits
Herbal Tea Blends
Parchment Posters
Hand Milled Soaps

What we have curing:
Goat milk soaps, we have three different ones we will be reviling by next Wednesday.
And Egyptian blend, Oatmeal and Jasmine, and plain goats milk.

What is on the cutting board?
Currently we have a one of a kind up cycled corset. This too should be ready by next week.

Whats in the melting pot: currently nothing new just some custom orders, we had hoped to have our Green Beer Candles out by now but these might have to wait a while ;)

Thanks for reading and remember to visit us often!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Website Update!

It seams we are doing a lot of updating late lol. We have added some more items on our site some familiar some New!
We have:
Parchment Posters
1 oz Herbs
Tea Blends
Ritual Bath Kits
and tons of other things that have yet to be added!

Many are concerned that we might be leaving Etsy, This is not true. We will always have items in Our etsy shop. We are now using Our Etsy shop for our One Of A Kind items and those items we get from our suppliers. We are and always use etsy for our hand made items (even purchases!). Our website allows us to inter grade many of the famous check out systems without having to manually send invoices.
Although for now we use mostly PayPal, Google Checkout and Money Orders we do plan to have many other payment options available. Our goal is to make your shopping as smoothly and convenient for you as much as possible without losing our personal touch. We thank all who has asked us and we have no plans to shut our Etsy Shop anytime soon.

So tell all your friends that we are adding new ways for you to shop with us! Enjoy our site and BB!