Thursday, December 1, 2011

Going Back to Basics

*Caution this post is Picture Heavy!*
Hi everyone, I know its been ages since I have updated our blog, your probably curios as to where we been, and what we have been up to? You probably noticed a few weeks ago (Close to 3 now) that the website shopping area is empty. Well I will get you all up to speed, just bear with me some as I explain things.
Well first thing We are no longer at our old address, Long story short we had to leave that place. All our items and personal belongings are in a nice storage unit. We will be rearranging the unit in January so that we can get to the shops inventory with ease. In February we will reopen the online shop. Date not yet known but it will be in February. No new items will be made unless its simple things I can do around our nice new home. Which means Crochet and knitted stuff for now and possibly embroidery work.
If you been following on FaceBook then you know exactly the things we been through over the last 5 months from bank theft to our residence issues.
Our new place is a lot smaller, and before I go into details we would not have unless it wasn't for my wonderful Grandmother, And Mom. They really were here for us and did everything in there powers to help us, Something I can never really repay fully. I may be able to pay them off financially but as for there open hearted kindness of the family love, that is a debt no one can truly pay on. We only hope within a years time things will get better and that we will get to where we truly need to be.
Right now we are discovering what this place is, there are a lot of pet peeves one finds in tiny spaces. Such as every time someone sneezes the trailer shakes. Oh didnt I mention that we got a sweet deal on a 2006 R Vision Park Model Travel Trailer? Oh well my grandma did, we are making payments to her ;) ONce we move out it will either be for my mom or it will be used as our traveling headquarters for when we do Trade shows. All we have to do is make some Big Modifications such as adding Holding Tanks, Building more overhead cabinet storage areas. Check the frame for any damage and repair it, Possibly Re Molding the inside for better Living and working function. Fixing the current Heating system to have a switch on it so we can use either electricity or propane.  Swapping out the fridge for one that fits the space and uses electricity instead of propane, because once it goes out it dosnt work anymore. Adding a ladder for the bunk beds, but when we do the remodeling things will be far different.
Now I have some family probably reading this and wondering why I didnt thank the "Driver". Well to be honest he doesnt deserve it not truly. He did nothing but Yell, Cuss, Talked Down to my Grandmother, Called me names and then Rushed her off before she could spend time with her Great Grand Children. No he dosnt deserve acknowledgement at this point. Anyone who abuses woman verbally do not get a spot on my eternal hugging list.
Well thats out of the way, How about some shots of our new diggs? If you are needing the shops mailing address feel free to e-mail us anytime and request it :)
Front View

Other side of Front

Through the Front Door

Yep thats the Comfy Sitting area :D


The only Over hanging cabinets, over the kitchen sink.

Down the hall to the back of the Trailer.

Front of the trailer with view of the master bed.

Kids bunk beds they are about 5 ft long they share the bathroom wall.

The throne room

A better shot of the front view.
In the master bed area are a few hanging cabinets that the wonderful hubby hits with his head daily. These too will be redone once we can afford to.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Samhain Altar Candle Set

I had created this as more of a curiosity, and to my surprise it has become an instant popular want. I just wished I had made them ages ago ;)

I personally would like to thank everyone who has shared the listing with all there friends. Over the past weekend our website hits have doubled since we put them on our website.

If your needing these by Halloween You should place your order in now while supplies lasts! All Hand poured candles and mixed by me, Willow. I had made these thinking they would be a great aid for anyones services for Halloween. I know we use them on our Remembrance altar where we place pictures or items of those who have left this plan. The Parchment is blank on the back so that way you or your group can write a ritual, prayer or other works for the Samhain Night.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Candles, Candles and More Candles!

Yes thats right candles, we have been making candles like crazy last week. And we still have plenty more we will be making!

Purple candles with Vintage Women Photos
Lavender Buds sprinkled on top as the candles set. Scent: Bouquet of flower scents 
Great aid to your work or just to have.

Stonehenge- We have Votives and Pillars some with white sage and some with no sage.

Archipelago Type Smoked Cedar Wood, Bergamot, and Amber blend perfectly to invoke the ancient mysteries of the Druids!

For More just view our New Item Section or our Candle Section!

New Styles: Pentagon, Sphere and 2.5 inch x 7.5 inch Pillars

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Winners of A-E Ladies Contest

A while back I had offered a prize of Feature to the winners of the A-E Ladies Group Contest on Deviant Art.
Group Link:

1st Place Winner: Stargate4ever
with the entry The End of an Empire

2nd Place Winner: hellenielsen82
with the entry of The First Atlantian-The End

3rd Place Winner: Panther~Moon
with the entry of AtlantianGateGard

All Amazing entries and Congrats to one and all!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hand Crochet Tribal Tassel Belts

The last few weeks I have been experimenting on making Tassel belts. Since my Fabric options is depleted, I had to get creative. I have a bunch of yarn from past custom gloves. So I pulled out a crochet hook and began the experimental designs.
Back Panel Teal Purple and Pink

Back Panel Teal Purple and Pink

Front Panel  Teal Purple and Pink

Rough sketchy idea

Back Panel  Teal Purple and Pink

Completed Front View

Completed Back View

Close up

Ran out of purple finished netting in Teal.

Close up 

Red and Black Front

Side with wide black satin ribbon lace up on the side

Close up


Side View

Close up


Close up on Front
I havent decided to make any more and try to sell them or just have a custom listing and I was thinking about writing up the directions. I haven't really think things through yet. What do you think?

Monday, September 26, 2011

Spell Kits

Magic is a complex art stemming from a wide variety of traditions, often requiring years of study of practitioners. But sometimes, life (and magic) can be made easier. Here you will find the wide variety of spell kits, spell mixes, and other aids that make the casting of a spell a little easier for you. Ready made kits provide you with all you need to cast a spell, while mixes and aids provide you with components already made or prepared to add to ritual magic, saving you time. Most are made and mixed by Willow and LeUrick, Please read each product to see who created it.

Spell Bottle Necklace- Hand mixed herbs, sealed with black wax, ready to be worn just write and recite your spell/prayer/intent.

Herbal Spell mixes to use with your own spells, Just make your sachet or burn as an incense on charcoal tablets.
Spell Kit- Everything you need for doing your spell. Hand crochet mojo/sachet bag which holds everything, A stone, Candle, Oil, Herb Mix, Charcoal Tablet, and Instructions on how to use and write your spell.

We Hand make and mix everything except the charcoal tablets. Enjoy

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dreaming of an Embroidery Machine

I love embroidery, but it takes forever to do. So many patterns colors and ideas on how to use them, I get goose bumps! Sadly I can't afford a machine that hooks up to my computer. The designs I can add to cloaks and robes at an affordable price would be great! As well as any gowns! Oh to add beautiful needlework to one would be a great thing, not only for me but for you!

I have been trying to figure out how to obtain one, and the only thing I can come up with is by some miracle I sell everything. The other is just to keep dreaming. I did think about having a donation pool and at certain donation amounts have special items for them. But I wouldn't think it would be appropriate, or would it? I mean would it be okay to set up something like that. I see people do it all the time for new homes, starting there business, and so forth. Would it be appropriate to set up such a thing for myself? As of right now I am not sure, what are your thoughts?

For now I will keep dreaming and let them haunt me every second of the day until I can come up with something. I do want to here from you so please feel free to say something :)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Challenge Friday: Pear Butter

We finally got back to the challenge fridays, and yes its food but its preserving food and making a yummy spread. Our Pear tree was loaded with fruit, on the first day we picked over 20 lbs of pears, since then we have harvested over 80 lbs of pears and the tree is still loaded!

Willow stayed busy making Pear apple pies, and Pear Butter so here is her tips on Pear Butter!
Base recipe or version 1:
1lb of pears
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup-1 cup sugar
Core and peal pears into chunks and place int a crock pot add water and sugar, for the first 2 hours put on High, after that take a masher and mash the pears or stick blender you want a puree. Put on low slant lid to allow steam to ecsape. Stir every once in a while until it becomes thick enough to coat your spoon.

Another Version with spice:
6lbs of pears
3 cups apple juice
4 cinnamon sticks
2 slices of fresh ginger root (about 1 ounce)
12 whole allspice
8 whole cloves
3 cups sugar

Put spices and ginger into a tea bag, mesh bag or a coffee filter that tied closed. Place chopped pears and everything into a crock pot, place on high for about 2 hours or until pears are tender. Remove spice bag, and puree the pears. Slant lid and place on low cook until thick stirring occasionally. 

How to bottle: Use sterilized Hot Mason jars how I do it is buy putting the jars on the rinse cycle of the dish washer and let it go into the heat dry for about 5 minutes, dry with towel will be very hot, and fill with the hot mixture. Seal closed and let sit until room temp. You will here Popping sounds this is normal. This is part of the sealing stage.
these will last 1 year in the cabinet and after open about 4 months in the fridge.
Great in pancake mix, on toast, in spice cake mix, in muffins and tons of other things you would use apple butter on.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Busy

We have been very busy here, between trying to find a house, personal home problems and kids starting school, the last few weeks have been chaos for us.
I have been trying to keep up with her new ideas but life has been kicking me around too much. But here are a few sneaks into what I have been doing:
Pear Butter: Recipes on Fridays Challenge!

Wood Burned into oak branch witches runes.

Woodsman/Archer Hooded mantle get yours here

Fortunes Told Wooden Plaque woodburning

Tree of life altar tile wood burning.

Black Velvet Gypsy bag with gold and green embroidery work
Thats about it for now, there will be no newsletter this month I just hadnt had the time to make it happen but there will be one for September! Have a great thursday everyone :)

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Custom Circlets

Made to fit most adult heads. Made to be adjustable either with ribbon or cording.
Made with artistic color wire and pewter charms.
Stirling Silver is available upon request and will cost $75.00 per circlet.
Gold Plated Available upon request and will cost $85.00 per circlet
To add gold or silver in with the color please ask for a qute it all depends on how much of the color you are wanting.
Charms Available in Pewter: Butterflys, Cresent Moons, Pentagrams, Star of David, Goddess,
To add Gemston Beads into the weaving please e-mail us for a quite it all dpends on the stone and how many one wants in the circlet.
Make Great Gifts, Great for Gatherings, LARPS, SCA, Ren Fairs.

Artistic Wire Colors: Silver, Gold, Brass, Black, Saphire Blue, Brown, Magenta, Red, Green, Purple

Please let us know your colors, Head size if known, and the charm you wish in an e-mail.

See our Listing: