Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vacation Time

We have closed our shop for two weeks. We will be back on January 2nd. Willow is in much needed rest. She started her vacation with a touch of food poisoning. But all is well now and will be getting things back to normal for the New Year!

We have added a new feature on our blog. It is on the right hand side. Its called Project wonderful. This allows people to bid for a spot on our blog.

We wish you and your family a Happy Yule and a truly wonderful season. Please remember there is always something one can do to help there community.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Heart Us!

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Main Website Updates!

We struggled with the idea of moving for some time. And We have decided to move our Main website. It is no longer on angelfire! Please update your links to our new site and make sure to sign the guest book!

New Site Click Here!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Candles Listed!

(click the pic to go to the listing!)

Cinnaberry Votive Candles

The smell of cinnamon and Berries together in this lovely set of 6 votive!

And Featuring our Candle Gift Sets! These are made by The Order! Your choice of 2 votive gift set or 3 Votive gift sets! More will come! Give the gift of scent and light to that special someone in your life!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

We Have Been Featured!

We have been featured in Etsy's Dark Side MySpace Blog!
Please Check it out!
Thank You Dark Side Team!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Myrrh Votive Candle

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Myrrh has an enduring aroma and was one of the
most widely used oils of the ancient civilizations -- it
was valued as a perfume, incense, and medicine. It
may raise consciousness and give a lift to feelings of
weakness, apathy, and lack of incentive. It is also said
to have a cooling effect on heated emotions and to
strengthen the ability to endure difficult circumstances.
Myrrh was a gift to the infant Jesus at his birth and
was also handed to him on the cross mixed with wine.
The ancient Egyptians burned it at noon everyday as
part of their sun worshiping rituals. Myrrh's nature is
to assist us with a deeper understanding of the union
of Heaven and Earth.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Autumn Strips Fingerless Mittens

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They are a shorted version then the WWII version and a more snug fit. They stretch to give a comfortable fit. We use a really soft yarn which feels really nice against dry hands. They are warm and allow one to do their work keeping knuckles and the wrist worm. Great for those with arthritis. Ready To Be shipped! Enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Black Opium Incense

Handcrafted wood based incense. Soaked in Black Opium oil.
10 Sticks in a package.

Black Opium: Opening hidden worlds

Also available in candle form just ask!

Monday, December 1, 2008


We are having a huge Sale!
Most Items are Half off or More!
Don't Miss This Clearance Sale!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spice Votive Candles

Spice Candles!
The scent of Spice fills the air and reminds us here at The Sacred Oak of Spiced Cider and Pie.

Color: Black
Set of 6 Votive
Wax: Palm Feather Mix

Monday, November 24, 2008

Leather Votive Candles

New at The Sacred Oak!
The scent of Leather is an exciting and stimulating scent. One that would associate with the open road on the back of a good bike as it fills the air.

Color: Black
Set of 6 Votive
Wax: Palm Feather Mix

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jasmin Votive Candles

The heavenly scent of Jasmin flows through the air as the candle burns. A great scent for anytime of the year.

Set of 6 Votive Candles
Color: Black
Scent: Jasmin
Wax: Palm Feather Blend wax

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Victorian Roses Votive Candles

The scent of Victorian Roses fills the air before you light the candle.
The Victorian Rose is elegant simple and yet a delight when you need a hint of spring on a cold dark day.

Set of 6 Votive Candles
Color: Black
Feather Palm Wax blend

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Breath Deep Votive Candles

A fresh fragrance that gives you a calming feeling.
When the Holidays have you stressed simply light one of these to help you relax.

Set of 6 Votive
Color Black
Feather Palm Wax

Monday, November 10, 2008

Almeretto Votive Candles

Set of 6 Votive Candles in the warm alluring scent of Almeretto.
Delicious and inviting makes any room feel like a coffee house.

Palm Feather Wax
Dyed Black
Almeretto Scent.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie Votive Candles

Mmmmmmmmmm We love pumpkin Pie this time of year, all the spicy sweet smells in the air after backing a fresh pumpkin pie! Our Votive Candles smell Like the Real Deal!

Set of 6 Votive Candle's, Light Orange color, Feather Palm Wax Blend.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Victorian Style Corset

This is an over bust style corset. This is a longer version then our other corsets. We even added a drawstring around the top to help make it a better fit for those who wish it.

Available in our Etsy Shop Only!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Upcycled Black Corset

This corset was made from a satin Chinese style shirt.
In our excitement on making this corset we had forgotten to take pictures of the Original shirt.
This corset is lined with black cotton fabric.
We used twill fabric to reinforce the busk area.
This Corset is a size 10
It has black Grommets and 3 yards of black lacing cord.
The design is Chinese Dragons and peacocks.
We used Black Satin Bias Edging.
Flat Steel Boning
Fits these measurements the best (just a guideline):
Bust 32 1/2 inches
Waist 25 inches
Hip 34 1/2 inches

If you are wanting to tight lace and are bigger then these measurements please be advised that one should take special precautions on this. For safe tight lacing we recommend that the body be a size 12 (the fallowing measurements are a guideline for a size 12).
Bust: 34 inches
waist: 26 1/2 inches
hip: 36 inches

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Parchment Posters

We only have a limited amount in our inventory all need to go!

Green Man

The Green Man Parchment Poster

The Green Man Parchment Poster

Available on

Wiccan Rede

Wiccan Rede (law) Parchment Poster

Wiccan Rede (law) Parchment Poster

Available on

The Witches Alphabet

The Witches Alphabet: Theban Script Parchment

The Witches Alphabet: Theban Script Parchment

Available on

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth Parchment Poster

The Sigillum Dei Aemeth Parchment Poster

Available on

Goetic Circle of Evocation

Goetic Circle of Evocation Parchment Poster

Goetic Circle of Evocation Parchment Poster

Available on

The Charge of the Dark God

The Charge of the Dark God Parchment Poster

The Charge of the Dark God Parchment Poster

Available on

The Great Symbol of Solomon

The Great Symbol of Solomon Parchment Poster

The Great Symbol of Solomon Parchment Poster

Available on

The Pentagram

The Pentagram Parchment Poster

The Pentagram Parchment Poster

Available on

The Wheel of The Year

The Wheel of The Year Parchment Poster

The Wheel of The Year Parchment Poster

Available on

Moon Goddesses

Moon Goddesses Parchment Poster

Moon Goddesses Parchment Poster

Available on

Nine Healing Herbs

Nine Healing Herbs Parchment Poster

Nine Healing Herbs Parchment Poster

Available on

Magickal Trees in Celtic Lore

Magickal Trees in Celtic Lore parchment Poster

Magickal Trees in Celtic Lore parchment Poster

Available on


Pan Parchment Poster

Pan Parchment Poster

Available on

Goddess Charge

Goddess Charge Parchment Poster

Goddess Charge Parchment Poster

Available on

Hex Signs

Hex Signs Parchment

Hex Signs Parchment

Available on

The Chakras

The Chakras Parchment

The Chakras Parchment

Available on

Circlet of The Butterfly Blue

Circlet of The Butterfly Blue

Made from Blue Artist wire. Long black ribbon on the back for adjusted fit.

A pewter butterfly charm dangles in the center of this Blue woven circlet.

Custom made circlets are available upon request
Free shipping on all jewelry world wide.
Offer lasts until October 1st!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Circlet of The Butterfly Purple

Circlet of The Butterfly Purple

Made from Purple Artist wire. Long black ribbon on the back for adjusted fit.

A pewter butterfly charm dangles in the center of this purple woven circlet.

Custom made circlets are available upon request

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Green Goddess Circlet

Green Goddess Circlet

Made from Green Artist wire. Long black ribbon on the back for adjusted fit.

A pewter goddess pendent dangles in the center of this green woven circlet.

Custom made circlets are available upon request.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Arte y Pico Award!

We have received this very beautiful award from Lady Rose over at Stir The Cauldron. It brings a smile to know that someone is reading our blog. We are very honored to receive this wonderful Blog award, Thank you Lady Rose!

Winners of this award are asked to pick 5 blogs that you consider deserve this award for their creativity, design, interesting material, and also for contributing to the blogging community, no matter what language. Each award, if possible, should include the name of the author and also a link to his or her blog. Each award winner is asked to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her or him the award itself. Award-winner and the one who has given the prize are also asked to show the link of “Arte y Pico” blog (, so everyone will know the origin of this award.

Here are my five picks:
All Things Sea Glass
Lis Crafts
Silver Canyons Happenings
Soap Sushi Bath
My Gypsygoods

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Pirate Day!

No Pirate should go without a shirt!
We have many colors to chose from:
Red, Forest Green, Black, White, Royal Blue, Royal Purple. This style shirt can double as a Lords shirt.

A commoners Vest Helps set the look of this Vest. The vest is belted closed with your own belt. Colors available: Black, Forest Green, Royal Blue, Burgandy/Red

The Buy Now buttons will take you To Merchtech an online free site that allows you to combine several Payment processors. We accept PayPal and Google Checkout. You can always buy these items at our Etsy Shop!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Magickal Oak Tree

The oak is a tree with many ancient mythological and magickal associations. In the Alexandreian tradition of Wicca, the oak symbolizes the waxing year aspects of the Horned God. It was regarded as an "oracle tree" by the Greek philosopher Socrates, and as the most sacred of trees by the ancient Celtic Druids, who believed that the leaves possessed great supernatural powers to heal and renew strength. Acorns (the "fruit" of the oak tree) were eaten by the Druids in preparation for prophesying.
The ancient Romans also believed in the wondrous power of the oak tree, and to protect themselves against forces of evil, they wore wreaths made from oak leaves on their heads as protective crowns.
Human sacrifices were made to the Phoenician gos Baal "under every leafy oak" {Ezekial 6:13), and in Estonia, the blood of slaughtered animals was poured on Oak roots as a libation to the gods.
The oak is the traditional and essential wood used for Yule logs and Midsummer Night bonfires. Oak branches are used in Wiccan spells to attract good luck, and the bark from the tree is made into magickal incenses to honor the gods and goddesses to whom the oak tree is sacred. And in folk medicine, oak tea has been used to treat such ailments as pinworms, gallstones, loose teeth, and venereal disease.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Horns For You!

Horns for You!
We have started to list up our Horn Collection, Its that time of year where goblins and ghouls come out to play. Even though its July October 31st isnt that far away! Stop in our shop to find some great things and contact us for a special costume for you or a little one! We are always happy to take requests!

Dont forget to cheek out our new shop on shopit! For all of our non handmade inventory.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sale Deales!

Hurry While they last!
Corsets have been marked down from $175.00 to $85.00!
1/2 off sale on certain items Jewelry and clothing!
Free shipping on Jewelry!
We ship anywhere!
sale is only valid at our etsy shop. Offer is good until October 1st.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blog Mention

We were mentioned in the Before I am Famous blog. Cheek out the nice little blurb about us!
We now have a ShopIt account on our mySpace page! Cheek it out more will be added soon! Come and Friend Us!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Website Updates!

Come visit our website we have done some rearranging to it!
We now have a subscription to a newsletter! Sign up to keep updated on New items, Great deals, coupon codes and future projects!
We changed the links around as well On the home page all links open into a new window/tab (fire fox users). This is for those who are on surfing sites so that they can view our website without being rushed!
Sign our guest book let us know who we are doing!
Join Our link exchange under our links section its free!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

TeamEtsyTX Member List!

Who's Who -- Team Member Shops & Descriptions - Dusty, Houston - Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry - Lori, Lubbock - Knit Cloths, Bowls, Baby Items, Nat. Stone Jewelry - Karen, Leander - Items Stitched with Love - April, San Antonio - One-Of-A-Kind Pottery: Functional and Judaica - Ana, Richmond - Jewelry Designs that Catch the Eye - Melissa, Victoria - Kitsch & Kawaii Crochet, Jewely, & More - Amber, Gatesville - Baby Wipes Cases and More - Cindy, Fort Worth - A Place for the Romantic Cowgirl in Us All - Angie, Port Neches - Beaded, Collaged, & Mixed Media Art Creations - Anne Marie, Austin - Handcrafted Bags Full of Sass, Polish, & Style - Crystal, Fort Worth - Fun Soaps and Great Ideas for Gifts & Party Favors - Nita, Athens - Unique & Custom Silver Jewelry for a Joyous Spirit - John, Austin - Bags, Pillows, Plushies, Prints, & T-Shirts - Amie, Conroe - Handmade Greeting Cards - Sarah, Houston - Eclectic Mix of Apparel, Art, Jewelry, & More - Joyce, Zephyr - Original Leaf Paintings, ACEOs, Bookmarks, & More - Lilin, Austin - Polymer Clay Art Jewelry & Decorative Items - Cheryl, Irving - Fused Glass Items for You & Your Home - Julie, Austin - Art Purses, Hair Clips, Light Switch Covers, & More - Tabitha, Corsicana - Enchanted Bath and Body Products - Ashley, Denton - Photography, Fiber Art, Painting, Mixed Media - Chad, Austin - Character Drawings - Beth, The Colony - Crochet Items, from Toys to Fashion Accessories - Rhonda, Austin - Home Fragrance Products in Contemporary Scents - Annette, Houston - Cards & Prints from Original Photography - Suzanne, Benbrook - Hair Bows and Children's Clothing - Erin, Houston - Festival, Bellydance, Renaissance/SCA Garb, & More - Andrea, GA, Texan at heart! - Sewn Items Specializing in Military Pride - Kelly, Duncanville - Bags, Purses, Wristlets, & Accessories - Barbara, Groves - I Create Fine Art on Canvas for You - Susan, Houston - Handknit, Felted Animals & Whimsical Sock Critters - Jenn, Pearland - Beaded Jewelry, Cell Phone Charms, & Bookmarks - Norma, Corpus Christi - Beachy Art/Jewelry, Silver, Lampwork, Beach Glass - Mandy, Singapore, Texan at heart! - Supplies for Jewelry-Making - Andrea, McKinney - Beaded Crosses - Ann, Houston - Hand-Crafted Jewelry for the Discerning Fashionista - Jennifer, Richardson - Beaded Jewelry and Accessories - Kristen, Rowlett - Custom Printed Notecards - Kristen, Rowlett - Fine Art Photo Prints and Gifts - Diane, South Padre Island - Sterling Silver & Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry - Ronalyn, Dickinson - Amazingly Lifelike "Baby” Dolls - Becky, Georgetown - Recreated Jewelry and Purses from Vintage Finds - Amber, Liberty Hill - Home of the FeltPeople and Custom Felt Creations - Veronica, Katy - Mixed Media Accessories - Heather, Dallas - Pockets, Cards, Bags, Jewelry, Baby Items, & More - Beth, Conroe - Handmade Items: Bags, Pillows, Dolls, Animals - Beth, Brady - Hand-Painted Treasures - Kimberly, Houston - Knit and Fabric Accessories - Julie, El Paso - Fun, Funky, Wearable Fiber Art and Accessories - Brandy, Amarillo - Quilts, Blankets, Afghans, & More - Angela, Austin - Painted Furniture, Jewelry, & Swanky Baby Products - Debi, MS, Texan at heart! - Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry & Crochet Items - Ann, Houston - Sew Buttons On Ice Cream And See If They Stick - Beth, Lampasas - Unique Quilted Art-Journals, Quilts, Wall Hangings - Susan, Brenham - Hand-Painted Items & Painting Pattern Packets - Camille, Waxahachie - Fairy Wings, Jewelry, Desk Dots, Cards, & More - Gwen, Pleasanton - Handmade Lampwork Beads & Jewelry - Christy, San Marcos - Jewelry, Clothing, Photography, & Accessories - Rachel, Grand Prairie - Handmade Jewelry - Caryl, Pearland - Sewn, Embroidered, & Quilted Items - Cassie, Austin - Recycled Crafts, Found Art, Collage, & More - Crystalynn, Selma - Original Artwork and Vintage Items - Denise, Lorena - Stained Glass, Warm Glass, Mixed Media, & Jewelry - Olga, Houston - Hand-Felted Fashion, Accessories, & Fiber Art - Allison, Austin - Cards, Hair Accessories, Knit Items, & More - Marianna, San Antonio - Jewelry + Papergoods + Photography - Christina, Austin - Wearable Art, Paper Goods, Paintings, & ACEOs - Christy, Plano - Unique portrait style quilts, bags, totes and purses - Amber, Dallas - Silver Clay Jewelry, Fused Glass, Ceramics & More - Cindy, Houston - Unique, High Quality, Handmade Baby Gear - Brenda, Freeport - Retro Style Aprons and Accessories - Kim, Madisonville - Candles, Bath & Body Items, Air Fresheners, Pillows - Ray, Weslaco - Funky, Chunky Copper, Silver & Polyclay Jewelry - Christine, Keller - Handmade Cards and Papercrafts - Amber, La Grange - Silk-Screened Clothing & Acrylic Paintings - Nicole, Austin - Jewelry - Jennifer, Nacogdoches - Fashion Aprons, Wall Art, Beaded Crosses, & More - Tammy, Austin - Collage and Mixed Media Pieces, and Digital Scrapbooking - Courtney, Rockwall - Custom Paper Products Featuring You & Your Family - Ann, CA, Texan at heart! - Unique Hand-Crocheted Scarves, Hats, & More - Serenity, Raymondville - Eclectic Creations to Enrich Life - Jo, Kingwood – Quilts/Dolls, Makedos, Ornies, Pillows, Rughooking - Katrina, Beaumont - A Bit of Fluff for Baby - David & Tina, Austin - Beautiful and Functional Items in Exotic Woods - Kate, Mansfield - Photography, Crochet, & Various Sundries - Cory, Tuscola - Collage Art Pendants - Lance, Nacogodoches - Folk Art & Whimsical Sculpture - Danna, Canyon - Handknit Scarves & Accessories, Purses & Aprons - Kristin, San Marcos - Costume Accessories for Renaissance Faires - Chrystal, Lubbock - Handmade Paper, Greeting Cards, Beaded Jewelry - Jessica, Plano - Toys & Gifts for Friends, Family, & Pets - LeeAlice, Texarkana - Pez Earrings, Beaded Earrings, Brooches, & Kid Stuff - Claudia, Killeen - Wee Bits of Inspiration: Ceramics & Jewelry - Randi, Coppell - Adornments for the Mortal Goddess & Her Home - Christa, Austin - Aprons, Hotpads, Bags, Bibs, & Children's Clothing - Brenda, Austin - Handmade Purses, Scarves, & Beaded Socks - Jill, Lubbock - Hand-Printed Cloth Table Napkins - Debra, Trinidad - Jewelry, Beads, Supplies, Vintage Items, Etc. - Cher, Pinehurst - Handcrafted Jewelry Created with Love & Care - Jenean, MI, Texan at heart! - Unique Beaded Jewelry - Katherine, Spring - Jewelry, from Simple to Very Intricate Designs - DJ, Highlands - Pottery, Pendants, Beads, Photography, & More - Diane, Dallas - Jewelry, Photography, & Supplies
http://dollbabedesigns - Lynda, San Antonio - ACEOs, Art, Crochet, Doll Stuff, & More - Donna, Rowlett - Knit & Crochet Items and Handmade Jewelry - Michelle, Abilene - Handmade Jewelry & Pottery, and Beading Supplies - Michele, Round Rock - Hand-Crafted Items from Glass, Fabric, Fibers, Etc - Donna, Frisco - Purple Toes: Antique Glass & Unique Jewelry - Diane, Katy - Stained Glass Window Panels & Mosaics - Ann, CA, Texan at heart! - Vintage Altered Art, Supplies: Paper-Collages-Kits - Susy, NV, Texan at heart! - Handmade Artisan and Graphic Jewelry - Linda, Plano - Handmade Handbags, Housewares and Accessories - Sheela, Houston - Decadent, Intricate, Wire-Wrapped Designer Jewelry - Tina, Austin - Fabulous Fabrics & Supplies of All Vintages - Danae, Arlington - Inspriational Artwork and Calligraphic Renderings - Stephanie, Killeen - Handmade and Custom Jewelry - Ruth, Houston - Eclectic Artful Photos: Color, Black-White, Unique - Carol, Houston - Beading supplies - Emily, Austin - Kids Felt Board Play Sets, Painted Up-Cycled Jeans - Emily, Austin - Silver, Glass, Photographs, Vintage Buttons-Unique - Erin, Austin - Stamped Necklaces, Glass Pendants, Knitting Cases - Esmeralda, Mansfield - Buyer Account, No Shop - Mandy, Singapore, Texan at heart! - Handmade Jewelry Using Unconventional Materials - Anh, Houston - New & Refashioned Vintage Jewelry - Cheryl, Irving - Buyer Account, No Shop - Danielle, Pflugerville - Unique Handbags, Sassy Art Dolls & Other Fab Items - Heather, Missouri City – Unique Cell Phone/MP3 Pouches with Character - Cindylee, Lampasas - Art Quilt Supplies & More - Cindy, Fort Worth - Inspired Charms, Repurposed Jewelry & Original Art - Nicole, Mabank - Handmade Clothing and Accessories - Tori, Benbrook - Monogrammed Creations & Embroidered Stationery - Lisa, Dallas - Screen-Printed Tees, Notecards, Pillows, & Prints - Barbara, Dallas - Jewelry, Stationery, Pet Portraits, & More - Cassandra, Corpus Christi - Tsumami Kanzashi: Folded Silk Hair Ornaments - Linda, Liberty Hill - Unique and Artsy Jewelry - Valerie, Austin - Messenger Bags and Totes: Stuffed Full - Peggy, Nederland - Hand-Painted Children's & Nursery Room Decor - Gaylene, Longview - Wreaths, Potpourri, Sachets, and Prayer Bottles - Ginger, El Paso - Crocheted and Sewn Items for Kids of All Ages - Charley Jo, Houston - Beaded Jewelry & Polymer Clay Figures - Aletta, Corpus Christi - Stained Glass & Woodcarvings Featuring Wildlife - Jack, Tomball - Paper Crafts and Wood Crafts - Robert, San Antonio - Nature Photography - Analiese, Austin - Bike Stuff & Girly Goods, Made of Vintage Supplies - Marilyn, Freer - Seed Bead & Crystal Jewelry, Other Craft Items - Judy, Rockwall - Memory Photo Gifts and Quilts - Greer, Corpus Christi - Whimsical Pet & Wildlife Art - Sarah, Orange - Paper Pretties, Paintings, Bracelets, & More - Tricia, Tyler - Unique Jewelry, Beaded Bookmarks, Painted Items - Annie, Austin - Knitting Patterns & Natural Baby Products - Rachel, Weatherford - Pottery, Handmade Brushes, Heartrocks, & More - Sheela, Houston - Diffusion Jewelry in Funky High Street Styles - Hilary, Plano - Timeless Designs Handcrafted by Hilary Johnson - Honda, Dallas - Little Bags & Purses, Metal & Bead Jewelry, & More - Jennifer, Dallas - Handcrafted Items Especially for Hounds - Heather, San Antonio - One-Of-A-Kind and Limited Edition Beads - Traci, Millsap - Etched Glass and Candles - Ishi, Dallas - Handmade Jewelry - Jayne, Dallas - Quality Scrapbook Pages, Albums, and More - Denise, San Antonio - Quality Custom Made Baby Items - Karly, Dumas – Beads, Buttons, & Baubles - Jewelry & Fun Things - Jan, San Antonio - Fused Glass and Fine Silver Jewelry - Jennifer, The Woodlands - Jewelry for Memories, Faith, & Fun - Jennifer, Brownsville - Cards, Paintings, & More Featuring Lil' Jen-i-mals - Jess, San Antonio - Art Collage Pendants and Jewelry - Lisa, Fort Worth - Reclaimed Vintage Jewelry - Valeri, Austin - Clothing & Accessories for Women, Childern, & Dogs - Jeanette, Houston - Handmade Art & Jewelry - Jeannette, Austin - Felted Toys, Blankets, and Accessories - Joanna, Austin - Crochet Hats and Jewelry - Joyce, Burnet - Handmade Bears, Dolls, Bags, Quilts, & Watercolor - Jennifer, Austin - Original Handcrafted Aprons, Bags, & Accessories - Judy, Jonesboro - Filet Crochet, Machine Embroidery, & Sewn Items - Elisa, Tyler - Jewelry Featuring Silver, Copper, Pearls & More - Kathy, Carrollton - Photo Note Cards, Art, Beading, Vintage, Supplies - Kaite, San Marcos - Vintage-Style Clothing and Jewelry - Kristin, Denton - Handspun Yarn, Spinning Batys, & Knitted Items - Kenna, Austin - Photography by Kenna... 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