Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Time of Changes

You may have noticed that a few weeks ago we had website issues. The Shopping Cart had disappeared from the site. We finally have got it up and running.
We have New Features and Changes:

  • Shipping by weight now.
  • Payments: MoneyBookers, Google Checkout, PayPal, and Money Orders.
  • Discover Our Stores Application: Shows where we are Located and Hours.
  • Wish-list: you can now make a wish list and e-mail it to friends and family
  • Under your account you now have more options on tracking your orders and alerts.
There are many other features as well to the site that we have not yet activated.
The site should have Guest Checkout but it looks like it isnt working yet. We will be working on this and we hope to have it up and going within two weeks.

In The meantime we have to manually reload every product due to the site crash. We are adding in store items first then once those have been added we will work on our New Suppliers items.
If you had an account on the old system unfortunately it no longer exists, this is one of those annoying things. When the site crashed it deleted everything.

We are also having Internet provider problems and our internet has been buggy lately we will answer within 24 hours if not sooner to all questions and concerns.

We still take custom orders and you can E-mail us anytime about Custom Ordering. We do hope all have a wonderful week and feel free to let us know about any issues you have with the site.

Visit our new Cart System!