Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Project Update

Well I have been busy since the last post we did! I finished over 22 goddess dolls which are up on our website. The Items that expired on Etsy have been moved to our website.

I made a custom Altar cloth with the symbol of Poseidon/Neptune in the center.

I am currently working on 5 major costuming pieces.
The first one is for my hubby, he has been a long time fan of Drizzt from D&D (Dungeons and Dragons table top rp game). Drizzt is a Dark elf who left the Under Dark and its ways. He is now a Ranger and has fallen in love with a human woman. His story is in depth and long but very intreasting. The major factor that the hubby really likes is the two scimitar swards Drizzit wields, Fire and Ice.
So I am taking this artist rendering and creating the clothing for him.

I have finished the sewing of the pants, shirt, and jacket which has 52 grommets! I still have the hooded mantle cloak to create. The armor parts I am leaving up to the hubby to make. As for the decretive jewel like pieces I have yet to comprise a plan on how to make them. But I am leaning towards the acrylic risen and using a oval mold. I might sculpt something out of clay and make my own molds. Its a thought in progress.

Another outfit I have been working on is my daughters. She is really into the Brave movie and Merida so I have created her an outfit and its nearly finished. I just need more ties and work on the under dress. Hubby is working on her quiver, which is nearly finished.

I have cut out two mediaeval dresses one is black with red inserts on the skirt, the other is red with black inserts. I am just waiting for my lining fabric to come in so I can start sewing them. I have two awesome trims I will be using on them.

I am also currently working on a silver and blue dress. I am waiting for the boning to come in to finish it up,

I also have a red and black elven warrior maiden outfit waiting to be sewn. and the last project is for my son. I am making him a Link outfit. If it stays on then we got a winner! lol

I should have progress photos on everything very soon.