Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FAQ Frequent Asked Questions

We will answer This months most asked questions, please feel free to ask us a question.

1) Do you do Commissions/ Custom work?
A) Yes we do, most of our orders and work is by custom. We will make almost anything the way you want it. From costuming to altar tables. Just e-mail us with your custom requests!

2)Do you do Steampunk or other Cosplay genres?
A) Yes! Willow our main seamstress loves a challenge and will glade work with you.

3) Do you have Lay_a_way and or financing available?
A) Yes, for lay-a-way we can create a payment schedule at payments that work for you. Financing is available through paypal with orders over 100.00. Our layaway can be set for any total pricing that includes shipping.

4) Do you have many give aways?
A)no, maybe once a year. But when we do its a good one!

5) Your prices for costuming are far too high, why?
A) Willow is our only seamstress currently She charges $8.00 an hour, plus cost of fabric, and other materials that might be used. In most cases she ends up under quoting her work and will take a major loss on it. She also likes to help when she can.

6) Do you have a brick and mortar shop I can visit?
A)No, we work out of our home. Most of our inventory stays in plastic totes with lids. We do plan to do more trade/flea market booths this year.

7) How long have you been in Business?
A) We started back in October of 2002.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask us questions!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Clay Play

Last week on Facebook we posted a sneak peek of some unpainted clay projects. Well since that day I hadnt worked much on them. I have been in a funk. Since Last Saturday I started having hard times sleeping at night. I did everything from chamomile tea to working out longer and harder. Nothing worked. I was growing irritated each day with lack of sleep.

I dont like working on projects when I get like this. Then starting Thursday Night pain everywhere. I spent the whole weekend under pain medication and finally catching up on lost sleep.  Today I finally feel better enough to finish off those projects. Now some of them my kids painted and I did the rest.

First I made our own Polymoreclay using this recipe.
Then a few days letter the kids started painting.

Here are the ones I did 

I will do better shots later today once the clear coat dries.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Giveaway: Wizard/Witch Hat

We are giving away our first Witch/Wizard hat. This is a Magic Mushroom house with toadstools around the brim. This is a black velvet floppy hat. No wire to make it a tall pointy hat.
This will last until Saturday August 3rd.
Rulles on how to enter: No purchase necessary, for everything you do your name is added to the drawing pot. Random winner will be contacted, you must provide a valid e-mail address for us to contact you. 

The Giveaway entrance form will end at 5pm. on August 3rd.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elven Court Wizard Robe

Finally it is finished! Over a week ago I started this robe. After 52hours of work it is finally finished.
This is a grey blue robe that took 12 yards of fabric. I decided it need something. So I went to Urban Threads and used there Elven Court embroidery pack, after an hour  of sizing and seeing which ones would work I ended up with the Antler set.

I first outlined the designs by sewing machine, that took 2 hours. Just a fine zig zag stich. Then I sat down and stitched keeping a log. Took me nearly 8 days and 40 hours! 10 hours to sew it all up, the moment of truth to see if my first embroidery project was lined up perfectly, and it was! OMG I was so relived! I stressed if by some chance I didn't get it right. The other tests was washing, drying and iron, it passed with flying colors!

Now I did extra work on the seams since I do not own a serger I finished the seams. I pressed them open then folded the edge to meet the sewn seam and then top stitched then open. This baby isn't going to fray up at all!

With all my costs and what I charge as an hourly rate ($8.00) the whole thing is worth $455.00 Imagine if I had an embroidery machine, I could drop that down to at least $200.00. So this robe is now sitting on my website waiting for its new home.

I hope you enjoy it!
Elven Court Wizard Robe

Edit on July 29
Now available as a Custom Order on Etsy and here are the Seam pics I promised:

Inside Seam

What it looks like on the outside.