Tuesday, July 30, 2013

FAQ Frequent Asked Questions

We will answer This months most asked questions, please feel free to ask us a question.

1) Do you do Commissions/ Custom work?
A) Yes we do, most of our orders and work is by custom. We will make almost anything the way you want it. From costuming to altar tables. Just e-mail us with your custom requests!

2)Do you do Steampunk or other Cosplay genres?
A) Yes! Willow our main seamstress loves a challenge and will glade work with you.

3) Do you have Lay_a_way and or financing available?
A) Yes, for lay-a-way we can create a payment schedule at payments that work for you. Financing is available through paypal with orders over 100.00. Our layaway can be set for any total pricing that includes shipping.

4) Do you have many give aways?
A)no, maybe once a year. But when we do its a good one!

5) Your prices for costuming are far too high, why?
A) Willow is our only seamstress currently She charges $8.00 an hour, plus cost of fabric, and other materials that might be used. In most cases she ends up under quoting her work and will take a major loss on it. She also likes to help when she can.

6) Do you have a brick and mortar shop I can visit?
A)No, we work out of our home. Most of our inventory stays in plastic totes with lids. We do plan to do more trade/flea market booths this year.

7) How long have you been in Business?
A) We started back in October of 2002.

I hope this helps. Feel free to ask us questions!

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