Monday, July 29, 2013

Clay Play

Last week on Facebook we posted a sneak peek of some unpainted clay projects. Well since that day I hadnt worked much on them. I have been in a funk. Since Last Saturday I started having hard times sleeping at night. I did everything from chamomile tea to working out longer and harder. Nothing worked. I was growing irritated each day with lack of sleep.

I dont like working on projects when I get like this. Then starting Thursday Night pain everywhere. I spent the whole weekend under pain medication and finally catching up on lost sleep.  Today I finally feel better enough to finish off those projects. Now some of them my kids painted and I did the rest.

First I made our own Polymoreclay using this recipe.
Then a few days letter the kids started painting.

Here are the ones I did 

I will do better shots later today once the clear coat dries.

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