Thursday, December 1, 2011

Going Back to Basics

*Caution this post is Picture Heavy!*
Hi everyone, I know its been ages since I have updated our blog, your probably curios as to where we been, and what we have been up to? You probably noticed a few weeks ago (Close to 3 now) that the website shopping area is empty. Well I will get you all up to speed, just bear with me some as I explain things.
Well first thing We are no longer at our old address, Long story short we had to leave that place. All our items and personal belongings are in a nice storage unit. We will be rearranging the unit in January so that we can get to the shops inventory with ease. In February we will reopen the online shop. Date not yet known but it will be in February. No new items will be made unless its simple things I can do around our nice new home. Which means Crochet and knitted stuff for now and possibly embroidery work.
If you been following on FaceBook then you know exactly the things we been through over the last 5 months from bank theft to our residence issues.
Our new place is a lot smaller, and before I go into details we would not have unless it wasn't for my wonderful Grandmother, And Mom. They really were here for us and did everything in there powers to help us, Something I can never really repay fully. I may be able to pay them off financially but as for there open hearted kindness of the family love, that is a debt no one can truly pay on. We only hope within a years time things will get better and that we will get to where we truly need to be.
Right now we are discovering what this place is, there are a lot of pet peeves one finds in tiny spaces. Such as every time someone sneezes the trailer shakes. Oh didnt I mention that we got a sweet deal on a 2006 R Vision Park Model Travel Trailer? Oh well my grandma did, we are making payments to her ;) ONce we move out it will either be for my mom or it will be used as our traveling headquarters for when we do Trade shows. All we have to do is make some Big Modifications such as adding Holding Tanks, Building more overhead cabinet storage areas. Check the frame for any damage and repair it, Possibly Re Molding the inside for better Living and working function. Fixing the current Heating system to have a switch on it so we can use either electricity or propane.  Swapping out the fridge for one that fits the space and uses electricity instead of propane, because once it goes out it dosnt work anymore. Adding a ladder for the bunk beds, but when we do the remodeling things will be far different.
Now I have some family probably reading this and wondering why I didnt thank the "Driver". Well to be honest he doesnt deserve it not truly. He did nothing but Yell, Cuss, Talked Down to my Grandmother, Called me names and then Rushed her off before she could spend time with her Great Grand Children. No he dosnt deserve acknowledgement at this point. Anyone who abuses woman verbally do not get a spot on my eternal hugging list.
Well thats out of the way, How about some shots of our new diggs? If you are needing the shops mailing address feel free to e-mail us anytime and request it :)
Front View

Other side of Front

Through the Front Door

Yep thats the Comfy Sitting area :D


The only Over hanging cabinets, over the kitchen sink.

Down the hall to the back of the Trailer.

Front of the trailer with view of the master bed.

Kids bunk beds they are about 5 ft long they share the bathroom wall.

The throne room

A better shot of the front view.
In the master bed area are a few hanging cabinets that the wonderful hubby hits with his head daily. These too will be redone once we can afford to.