Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Busy Times

Wow lets shake the dust off of this blog! We have been super busy with Life that we just had nothing to update about. That Is all about to change. I have had so many projects going on that I just hadnt time to write a whole lot.
I have been working on Videos for TheCUPWA, Working on Updating our Store, Getting Ready for the kids to be out of school for the summer, Planting in our garden, Making new things for the store, Looking for a new Home (still hoping it will come true).
I seam to be all over the place lol!
I am working on some new posts one on The Flower Moon and on The upcoming MidSummer Holiday also known as Litha. Just busy busy.

New Projects for the shop: Hand made Book Of Shadows, Wooden covers with your choice of wood burned design. The Binding will be with Leather Cording and you will be able to add or remove pages from the book. It will come with 30 blank parchment paper and with close to 100 printed BOS pages on Parchment that will cover over a wide range of subjects and will have Divider pages.

New Beaded Necklaces and Amulet Bags: I have a few Egyptian collars and a few amulet bags nearly completed for your viewing pleasure, keep an eye out for these.

Have a wonderful day everyone