Monday, December 1, 2014

Rescue Paw Ornament

This ornament is machine embroidery on felt with ribbon loop. It is simple and says only one powerful word "Rescue".  Recently we have been thrown into the world of taking care of a puppy. But not just any puppy, Athena.

Athena came to us in the most heartbreaking manner one can ever imagine, a manner that also brings you blood to a boil to even here about it. We found her in our Mobil Home parks Dumpster. Some scum of a human had thrown her away.

She is less then 2 months not exactly sure how old. She was covered in fleas and riddled with worms. She is on a dewormed and after a week she is still passing them. We desperately need to get her to a Vet, at the moment no vet will see her without pay upfront. Its heartbreaking, but we can tell shes improving. Before she wouldn't socialize now after a week shes playful, cuddly and loves her belly scratched.

The sale of Every Ornament will help us provide for her.
This ornament is perfect as a gift or for yourself. If you know or have rescue pets this will defiantly touch you. We know times are hard and we are offering a 30% off coupon code that will be good until Dec.31. We also ask that you share this with others to help spread the word of Athena.

Coupon Code: sacredoak30
Link To Ornament:  Click Here