Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Name The Species Winner

We have a winner on Name the species Sharon H Bell! Congrats and our species is Named! Meet our new criters Snogg Goblins!

These Critters will come with an Adoption Certificate.
Thanks to all who participated in our little contest.
Look to our website to find the perfect Snogg Goblin for your home!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Items and more

Greetings everyone!
We have been busy adding new items up on the website! We are excited over a new line we listed up yesterday! These are resins, hand rolled incense and attar oil! We tested the products first to make sure they would be a great add as well keep all our friends happy. And they will!
We tested the scent strength, burning times, and linger times. And they do meet our satasfaction of the companies claim. They are a line from Ramakrishnanda and all Resin, Incense and oils are hand made/mixed and blessed by Swami Ramakrishnananda and followers. These are a wonderful addition to our shop and we do hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
Some answers to frequent questions about this line: Are they strong? Yes very one incense stick will fill the whole house for at least 2 days! A teaspoon of the resin on a burning charcoal berquet will fill the whole house and last for days!  just a few drop of oil in a burner will fill the house for days, just 3 drops on an oil pad for oil lockets will keep for about a week.
Do you use them with the incense you make? Yes it complements very well!
Are there sample kits i can get? Not yet but we are working on that! We are compiling and working the the supplier to see if we can do this, It might take some time but we really believe in these products otherwise we wouldn't have put them up on our website!

We have added calenders, almanacs, Athems, magnets, scrying bowls, Posters, and lots more! And guess what we still have tons more to add! Remember we need your votes on the species poll! Vote and share it we need your help! Have a wonderful week everyone BB!