Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We need Your Opinion!

Yes we need your opinion on our poll! Do you like cup cozies? Would you buy them made from leather with painted designs? After you vote in our poll Reply to this thread about your ideas on why or why not we should do this. We understand that many other sellers out their make them, this is not why we were thinking about it. Our leather ones will look like corsets with painted designs. We were thinking Celtic knots, Trinity Knots, Ivy leaves and vines, states, shield crests and the list goes on for days. Our knitted ones would have fun fur edging, some without it. With many colors and designs as our leather ones. We are not trying to copy anyone or steel anyones ideas. Its something that we have been talking about for some time now. We would like your opinion on this. It will help with our decision. We are working with sketch designs at the moment nothing has been made. This poll closes on February 14th please make sure you vote in it. Thanks and have a great Day!

Random shop of the day: Color of Dawn Creations
Random Blog Of The Day: Anomaly Studios

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another random Day

Today Is another random day. It started as a cold and rainy morning and became a beautiful sunshine day. The weather was nice no jackets necessary. Truly a nice day. Days like this makes me giddy because I know spring is on the way. I really love the fresh green colors and the bright colors of tulips (my favorite flower). I grew up in Washington State I lived on Whiby Island (Oak Harbor). I loved the tulips in the spring. We would go to the Holland Happening Parade in the morning then we would take a drive to the Big Dutch Wind Mills. In front they would have tulips everywhere of all colors. It was so pretty! I surly miss those days and I no longer have those pictures of my child hood. But to stand on the gravel walks and see fields of red, yellow, blue, purple, pink and white tulips were an amazing sight. because in the backdrop was the Harbor surrounded by mountains. I can still remember the old light house that guarded the Harbor. It was so long ago but at times it felt as if it were yesterday. I miss my old wooden shoes and my hat from those days but I will always hold them in my heart!

Todays Random Blog: Mansphere a place for men to talk and relate to each other.

Random Shop for today : Serenity Soapworks & Elm Creek candles

We are members of the Etsy Texas Street Team. Make Sure to visit their shop, blog and web sight. A great group of Texans who support each other in the world of crafts and arts. They also Support and give back to their communities.

Bonus shop for today: Lone Star Arts!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Today's Random Stuff!

Happy Monday!
Today seams to be dark and cold, but why should our eye candy? While cleaning out my etsy favorites (most were sold!) I came across a lonely shop. Go To Great Panes a stained glass shop. This artist has some great looking pieces. The colors and shapes worms even the chill from my monitor. I remembered that the artist had given me an image a while ago to use at one of our craft fairs.

One should really visit her shop to see the lovely glass maybe buy some for yourself!

Random Fact: Hot Glue is Hot! (duh)

Random Blog of the day: Blue Boy Gifts

We are members of Fae Etsy cheek out their blog and web sight.

We are starting to collect shop info and business cards again. We will be going to a show in march. If you wish to send us something to hand out at our LARP (Live Action Role Playing) Convention please contact us at

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Todays Spot Light

Our poor blog has felt so neglected the last few days. I have been busy with sketches of new designs that I nearly forgot to update. We will be letting our listings expire if they do not sell. We are getting ready to do a total face lift of our shop.

Todays Blog of the day:
Is Pressing Issues Her artwork is inspirational. along with her stories. We also ask that you stop by her shop!

Todays Random Shop to Visit is Yoda Moon.

Todays Random fact: Glue is sticky!

The Sacred Oak is a member of the Pagans of Etsy Street Team- POEST. You can visit our group blog to view all the different shops. This group is made up of wonderful shops. Their artwork and crafts are simply beautiful. Please support this group by visiting their shop on Etsy.

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Cuteness!

First off Isn't this cute? I made it! I don't know anything about html other then copy and past.

I made this:

From The Sacred Oak

With This:

You need a program the unzips the file. Its worth the $3.00! I simply plugged in the image addy that i uploaded in photobucket and plugged in the necessary fields. Now I know most of you know how to do this on your own but for those who are super busy its great! I have 2 kids 3 and 2 one with special needs the other super smart. I really don't have time to write code so this is wonderful. It took me seconds to generate a banner that I can use. Just generate the html code and copy and past it where you want it. Simple fast and easy.

2 ways to get the program order it from our online website or send me a message and I will e-mail you a pay pal invoice. Once payment is received I will e-mail you the zip file. Again You must have a program to UNZIP the File! We get hundreds of E-mails asking how to open the zip file. Please make sure to have a program a great one is

Thanks and have a super week!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Whats New This Week

In Our Etsy Shop: Nothing New Yet but Cheek out the shop and let me Know what you think!

On The Knitting Needles: Pixie Flower Hat Design Pattern will be available in a few weeks.

On the Sketch Pad: New Corset design for over bust and under bust, Knitting patterns starting from the early Egyption period Pattern book will be available in the max 2 years!

Our Cafe Shop: Just opend one for The Sacred Oak, Nothing has been designd but in the futire we plan to Have Calenders, T-shirts, Ale Mugs and so much more. We are also Helping those who want to be published either as a writer or as an artist(music, art extra) If you wish to be sponsard please e-mail us at

Resell E-Books and Program for Sell: we have several although we do not have a website up you can e-mail us which ones you want from the fallowing list. We only accept PayPal at this time. When You e-mail us make sure to include your paypal addy so we can send you an Invoice. When you buy these books and programs you buy the rights to resell them. Make Sure you have A Zip Program all programs are on Zip Files. Delivery is by E-mail and within 24 hours from payment recived.

E-Books and Program List:

  • 19 Knitting Patterns $5.00
  • 99 banners to use for your website $5.00
  • E-bay store $15.00 (worth $50.00) How to sell on e-bay and become a power seller, and what items are best to sell. This package ishouge in info!
  • Ebiz Gallery Pro You can use EGP to create galleries to store all of your important ebiz-related pictures and web graphics. $5.00 worth $25.00
  • E-book cover softwear program- Creat your own E-book covers for your E-Books! $5.00
  • eWhiz ad Creator Software $15.00 worth $29.00 Comes in 2 parts.
  • Gift Jar Recipes $2.50
  • Makeing Money From Crafts E-book $2.50
  • Vintage Crochet Patterns $5.00
  • Profitable Crafts E-books 1-4 $5.00
  • Marketing With Coupons $2.50
  • Mini Report Generator: 10 info packs- Amazing Advertising tips, Blockbuster Cash Seacrets, Covert Product Selling Principals, Costumer tested Buying Triggers, Explosive Influence tactics, Extreame perswasion strategies, Hidden Internet Revenue Resources, Hypnotic Internet selling Suggestions, Increadable Money Makeing Hints, Script Selling Blueprints. All this is worth $27.00 but we are selling it at $5.00!
  • Tattoo Got Ink e-book $5.00
  • Tattoos Unlimited E-Book $5.00
  • 226 Tatto0 Flash Art $10.00
  • Getting Inked tattoo E-book $5.00
  • Banner buddy softwear $5.00

We have a few auctions up at Goth Auctions visit and bid sighning up is free no listing fees or finnal value fees!

We do custom orders on all our items just drop us a line to work out Details!!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 The Year of creativity and wonderment!

Over the year we have come across some talented and amazing people. We would like to share some of the people we have stumbled upon and found their amazing items.
First up is Vegan Yum Yumwith Knit Night Cupcakes. Such amazing photos and breath takeing details in her work. The cupcakes are decorated with Icing that looks like real knitting items! Truly ediable works of Art! cheek out the reast of her blog to find other amazing things with food!

Next we came across The biggest Yarn stash (so far)? This is truly a shrine to yarn. Such colors, textures, and it just makes you go in and wish you could owen all the softness. And here to think my hubby was upset over the few yarn skiens I have, How can I ever compare to such a beutiful stash of Yarn!?

We have viewed some amazing artists from Etsy (oh so many to put in one post!) Each is unique and talented as the other. Sight to explore of all things handmade.
As I dig out more of the amazing artists and talented people I will share them with everyone. this past year has shown us that creativity and the realm of Imagination still lives. Either it be with food or fiber arts, their are amazing people and talented children out their, we just have to stop and say Wow that is just awsome!

Have a truly awsome year and may it be full of creativity, imagination and filled with the spirit of childhood and wonderment.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!