Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 The Year of creativity and wonderment!

Over the year we have come across some talented and amazing people. We would like to share some of the people we have stumbled upon and found their amazing items.
First up is Vegan Yum Yumwith Knit Night Cupcakes. Such amazing photos and breath takeing details in her work. The cupcakes are decorated with Icing that looks like real knitting items! Truly ediable works of Art! cheek out the reast of her blog to find other amazing things with food!

Next we came across The biggest Yarn stash (so far)? This is truly a shrine to yarn. Such colors, textures, and it just makes you go in and wish you could owen all the softness. And here to think my hubby was upset over the few yarn skiens I have, How can I ever compare to such a beutiful stash of Yarn!?

We have viewed some amazing artists from Etsy (oh so many to put in one post!) Each is unique and talented as the other. Sight to explore of all things handmade.
As I dig out more of the amazing artists and talented people I will share them with everyone. this past year has shown us that creativity and the realm of Imagination still lives. Either it be with food or fiber arts, their are amazing people and talented children out their, we just have to stop and say Wow that is just awsome!

Have a truly awsome year and may it be full of creativity, imagination and filled with the spirit of childhood and wonderment.

Happy New Year! Welcome 2008!

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