Sunday, July 21, 2013

Elven Court Wizard Robe

Finally it is finished! Over a week ago I started this robe. After 52hours of work it is finally finished.
This is a grey blue robe that took 12 yards of fabric. I decided it need something. So I went to Urban Threads and used there Elven Court embroidery pack, after an hour  of sizing and seeing which ones would work I ended up with the Antler set.

I first outlined the designs by sewing machine, that took 2 hours. Just a fine zig zag stich. Then I sat down and stitched keeping a log. Took me nearly 8 days and 40 hours! 10 hours to sew it all up, the moment of truth to see if my first embroidery project was lined up perfectly, and it was! OMG I was so relived! I stressed if by some chance I didn't get it right. The other tests was washing, drying and iron, it passed with flying colors!

Now I did extra work on the seams since I do not own a serger I finished the seams. I pressed them open then folded the edge to meet the sewn seam and then top stitched then open. This baby isn't going to fray up at all!

With all my costs and what I charge as an hourly rate ($8.00) the whole thing is worth $455.00 Imagine if I had an embroidery machine, I could drop that down to at least $200.00. So this robe is now sitting on my website waiting for its new home.

I hope you enjoy it!
Elven Court Wizard Robe

Edit on July 29
Now available as a Custom Order on Etsy and here are the Seam pics I promised:

Inside Seam

What it looks like on the outside.


  1. Great designs! Any shots of the felled seams inside? And what fabric did you use? It hangs luxuriously; I imagine it's heavy even in a cotton.

    I made a robe like this a few years ago for a friend (he swapped his dead-screen laptop for my sewing services, my husband fixed the laptop, and I got a better, faster computer out of it), from polyester gabardine. No embroidery on it, thank goodness. It was heavier than a load of wet towels, and I had to make a shoulder-form for the hanger.

    1. @Elven Hands
      I have the pics up!
      The fabric is a cotton blend, not really sure it was some I had in my stash that a friend gave me. It is heavy.