Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Adventure: Screen Printing

Thats right, we have started to do screen printing!
It has been full of trial and error but we have finally found a method that works for us!
We have many Designs we will be adding and creating soon!
For now enjoy what we have:
Winged Scarab

Art NouveauSteam Girl

Dark Brotherhood Hand in Black

Dark Brotherhood Hand in Red

Our Shop logo On Tote Bags

Steampunk Octopus 

Steampunk Octopus on Shirt

Our Logo on a Shirt
You can get them from our Website:
You can also get our Logo Designs when you Donate $11.00 or more at our GoFundMe page!
Thank You For looking and rember we take Custom Orders as well as Money Orders, Just E-Mail Us!

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