Monday, May 21, 2012

Prop Building

Over the last 3 weeks I have been busy with building 2 bottle props.
Let me say this, the method I used was long and tedious and I probably wont use it for something like this ever again!

This process I started out with two computer images of the Bottles I made.
Bottle 1 is a Red Bottle from the Game of Elder Scroll: Skyrim
The red bottles are used for the lesser health potions and for fortified health. The strange octagon shape was not easy to do in this method I was using.
The Second Bottle is a Summon Creature Potion from the Fable Games.

Using the images I began making my cardboard templets.
I put them together with Painters Masking Tape.
I then used up the last of my Expand Foam filler the stuff you find in the fix it up section. Its used to fill holes and such.

After it set after 6 hours I began carving it away to a shape I wanted.

I then covered the foam with painters masking tape.

With a brown paper bag and wall paper glue I covered the masking tape. Over lapping the pices. I had mine cut into 1 inch by 1 inch square pieces.

After allowing them to dry for 2 days in the sun outside, I then took my paper clay or as some call it paper mache, and mixed it with the wallpaper glue not water. I then smeared it on, I didn't like it not one pit. Wasn't smooth, wasn't easy to put on at all! After allowing the bottles to dry for a week in the sun. I should have mixed up more and filled in the holes and gaps but I really didn't want to, I just wanted them finished so instead  I took my hot glue gun and went to town on them.

My Daughter helped me paint them, these are not for sale nor would I offer them in our shop. They are not perfect but great for the kids to play with.

More pictures Here:

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