Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Body Casting

Over the next few months we will be doing a big project. One that will probably step up our costuming to a whole new level.
We slowly been casting people into plaster for many different reasons.
The first one is I need a bunch of different body types for my seamstress dummies, another is we are going to start making Foam Latex Armor and other Designs. Your thinking foam armor? Well this is because many of our customers are Cosplayers, and fantasy larpers who don't need big heavy armor.
Many want textures and looks of certain video game inspired items as well as Original Designs.
In a way this will allow us to do a bigger range of fantastic. Sculpting out of clay fantastical pieces that would be nearly imposable to do out of leather or metal.

We have big plans and many ideas. If you would like to be apart of them drop us a line! 

The following are a few of the ones we did this past weekend.

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