Friday, April 22, 2011

Ordination Sash

I have been working on a Ordination Sash for our Co-Owner Magus Ed.
I am using Black satin and muslin as the interfacing.

The patches is from our supplier, I would have made our own but alas I do not owen an embroidery machine yet. One day I will but for now these patches will do. I am hand embroidering two different designs at the bottom the side with the Gold trim is a silver Triquetra, on the Silver side will be a gold Triscale.
I am embroidering from the reverse side as transferring a design onto black is difficult with traditional methods.  It should be a great pice once its finished and Custom Options will be available on our website in the future.

Keep this post booked marked Updates will be posted as I go along. Before I forget I got our Embroidery designs from Urban Threads.

*UPDATE on April 25, 2011*

On Sunday evening I had finished the embroidery work, which means I am on schedule for once. I predict it will be finished by Tuesday. Enjoy the update pics of my progress :)

                                Silver Triquetra

Gold Triscale

*Update on 4-28-2011*

I finally Finished the sash :) It would have been finished a few days ago but I had severe muscle pain on my side and couldnt sit at the sewing machine for a few days. Enjoy the finished pice better modeling pics will be in a new post with links and options on how to order your own.

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