Saturday, April 30, 2011

Site Update

We have updated our blog, if your a long time follower you may have all ready noticed. We updated our links so they are working properly now.
You may have noticed that there are a few new ones on the right hand side. We are now on Deviant Art and on Cut Out + Keep. we are still very new to these sites and reading everything we can. So far we are enjoying them and the Crafty talented folks there :)

We have new items up on our website, and more coming. I have a few Goddess Inspired dolls to finish up and add to the site.

I have Finished up an Undebust Corset design it should be up on the website this evening. There will be 3 listings as I made 2 sizes that are ready to be shipped out and the third option will be the Custom Sizing and fabric options. Here is a sneak peek of the Corset:

Front View it is single layer no lining has a busk opening in the front. The Custom option will have the choice of a busk or no busk in the front. I currently have no pics of the No Busk in the front.

Back View: Laces in the back.
I used White ribbon for the bias edging.

When the hubby came home from his Mundane job he had a box. Apparently in the Linen bin at work there was a Lunar Moth, the Nurses freaked out and were going to squish this poor moth. So my hubby being a very chivalrous person swooped in and saved the poor guy from destruction. Enjoy the pics of this lovely creature. Our daughter was a little freaked out at first then we started hearing the old "Awwww can we keep it?" 

Have a very Blessed Beltane everyone :)

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