Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wand Desaster

So a few weeks ago I had the idea of making Clay wands. Why clay? you ask, well we do not owen the property we are living on so cutting branches for the use would not be a good idea. And the trees here do not look too healthy for the use. So Clay was the answer. I went to look around the clay section of our craft shop and found an Air Dry Modeling Clay. Perfect price it was on sale. I didn't need the expensive stuff to "Play with Clay".

Well I had Issues with the clay. Apparently I am no sculptor, I had a hard time getting what was in my sketches into the clay. And my first want cracked badly I had used a bamboo skewer for the core to get a simple straight wand. After it dried it had shrank and left about an half an inch gap in the center exposing the skewer. So that was a no go, then I did freeform no skewers. All but one broke. The best thing about this clay is you can through it into a ziplock baggie and add a little water and within minutes is useable to reshape again.  So for now the wand work is on hold. until I can come up with a better plan.

The only one that survived is the twisted branch one on the far right. Our daughter calls it a "Unicorn's Horn"

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