Saturday, September 7, 2013

Survived 2 Weeks

We have survived 2 weeks of the new school year. We were afraid that our son wouldn't have behave for his new special needs teacher. He was with a really great gal the last 2 years. She had gone on to Teach 1st grade this year, those kids are so lucky to have a wonderful person! To our surprise he has been doing so well. For those who do not know our son is Non Verbal Autism.  He tries to say words and one has to really know and pay attention to how he is saying the words. He uses PICs to communicate mostly or a lot of gesturing. But mostly he just pulls us or brings us what he wants. Some things he has trouble opening. He works mostly by prompts but is improving on independent directions.

Our Daughter this is is doing online school through K12 program. she had missed some comprehension on the STAAR exams by only a few points. So the school felt she should repeat the 3rd grade. I decided to do K12 this year, BEST choice EVER! She is breezing in most areas, she had to take an assessment test once the scores come in her school lessons will change to reflect what she needs. Her only weakness so far is hand writing and music comperhension. But it is improving. I feel by December she will have really improve greatly in all areas. We will see. Some days she likes being home while others not so much. She didn't realize that I would make her work lol.

My son's school is also collecting Box tops for Education, if you by chance have some could you consider in giving them to us or sending them directly to his class?
The aftermath of day 1,  it was a long day


  1. Have you tried sign language as a way to communicate? I too have a special needs child. Just trying to give new ideas. :)

    1. Yes we have, he can do some such as colors. He really hates No and wait makes him very agitated. He has a hard time doing most signs, I dont know if its memory or if he cant get his hands to do it. Its very stressful at times for him. We try to keep the mood light and fun around here.