Friday, September 6, 2013

Dark Elf Mage Costume

This is a Work in progress very pick heavy. I am creating this for my hubby, and last night he asked if I would be offering it to the public. I hadn't even thought about it, I was just going to use it as an example of my work. But after much thinking this morning I did a run down of pricing. I have kept a time journal on it, I do on everything I work on. And so far the numbers are really up there. I don't know if I will or not but I did decide to start this post over it. It will be updated as I go through the stages.

Concept Art:
This art has been on many Fantasy and D&D websites. I have no clue who done it and would like to find out. I have been searching for over 5 years for the artist, if you know them Please let them know I am making this outfit!
Now I been wanting to make this for about 3 years and I finally have the courage the last 2 months to start on it. The hubby is working on his version of the belt in leather, I might one year get Worblas Finest and try to recreate the whole belt thing, but for now I wont worry about it.

So I started with the base pices which I dont have any pics of yet. Then went to work on the pauldrons armor sections. I decided to go with craft foam for these reasons
1) Its light weight easy to take off and on
2) Wont poke kids eyes out if they bump into it, or hurt anyone.
3) I can use it, I dont work with leather its too expensive and makes me nervous if I mess up.
4) easy to paint and fill if it cracks.

Pics of pieces:

The Following is the trim work for the outfit.

Thats all I have in photos at this time, As I finish layers and such I will update this post with more.

Update September 9th
Hubby is working on his leather components while I work on sewing.
Before Painting and assembly 

Gold work, embroidery work around the applique 

Gold work, embroidery work around the applique 

Gold work, embroidery work around the applique 
I ran out of gold thread, now I have to wait for a few sales before I can order more.

Update Sept 18,
More thread arrived! And hubby started painting his leather work.

Saturday September 21, 2013

More work done, almost finished another week or two on the whole thing.

Sept. 25, 2013
I spent the morning looking over the wig we are going to use, and as I went about loosely playing with it, I came to a horrid conclusion. I am going to have to add layers into the wig and try to cover the horrible brown thread the company used on the platinum wig. It will take about a week to fix. I am at a stand still with adding the sketched out trim until I can get more fusible webbing, which will be after the first. I was hoping to be near finished by no. No some horrible wig shots.

Update October 17, 2013

Just 2 more days to get everything finished!
We scraped the above wig and found a White one from a great cosplay wig place will show pictures later on with links to them, let me say BEST WIGS EVER! okay onto current pic updates.

Leather belt is finished!

I have gotten more sewing done, just no pic updates yet been really swamped and forget to. But I plan to by tonight or on Friday!

We do hope you have enjoyed or progress :)

October 29, 2013
Pic updates.

Last update! November 1st 2013

Wig from Epic Cosplay, it is an extra thick lacefront wig and if you are going to need wigs use these!

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