Friday, September 20, 2013

Blue Fairy Cosplay

So my daughter said she wanted to be a fairy for Tex. Ren Fair this year. We will be going the weekend of 1001 Dreams. I was and am okay with what she wanted. So the next step was what type of fairy. I made her do some research and told her we should come up with an original type. So for two weeks she poured over flower books, insect books, elemental books, and a few fay encyclepedias. She finally chose a type of butterfly it is local to our area.

Limenitis arthemis

The Limenitis arthemis also known as Red-Spotted Purple or White Admiral. So we are basing her colors of the one pictured above the Red-Spotted Purple.
So the following is the Work in Progress, we are finally at painting of her wings stage and then it will be time for a photo shoot of all the completed pices. We also are making a prop weapon based of a Sewing needle for her.
Enjoy the pics:

HAnd dyed fabric for wings

We still have some work ahead of us but its coming along nicely I hope to have dress updates this weekend.

Finally Pics of the painted job! October 8th 2013

October 17, 2013
Sward Construction: Sewing Needle

It is now covered in paper machae clay I plan to get update pics today on it. The plastic tip is actually from one of those giant novelty pencils. It fit perfectly so we are using it. I am not even sure how to get those without having to buy those pencils. We will have more pics on Friday!

November 6th, 2013

Sewing needle sward and finished look, The last picture was at Texas Ren Fair a few weeks ago. That picture was taken by our good friend.

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