Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Statues and Candles!

We are creating new Candles and Statues!
Some may have all ready seen them up in our shops.
Small Pentagram Statue

Cauldron Statue

Small Pentagram Candle
The Candle is made of our Palm wax with hand painted interwoven pentagram. Completely Customizable, available in our Etsy Shop and our Website.

The Cauldron will also be available as a candle and statue options later this month. You can pre order yours by sending us an e-mail. Statue options will be un painted or painted by us. Weight for each cauldron is just under one pound. Candle version has not been weighed or made as of yet.

Small Pentagram Statue will be available later this week in our Etsy shop and our Website. There will be two listing in each shop, one for unpainted to allow you to decorate your own and one that we can paint for you. Each one takes 2 weeks to make. These are made by the order, completely made of Plaseter. Each statue after it dries weighs approx 1.9 pounds. Shipping will go by weight.

Update on Custom Costuming/Ritual Garb for October: we can no longer take custom orders to meet Octobers deadline, but we are open for custom requests, make sure to put yours in.

Christmass and Yule Commissions are now open, make sure to place your custom order in now to get it by the holidays. November 10th is the last day we can take custom requests for December Holidays. So please make sure to e-mail us now to get your work order on the list!


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