Tuesday, May 14, 2013

GoFundMe: Embordry Machine

Hi everyone, for those who got our newsletter on Monday you probably saw we are trying to raise funds for an embroidery machine. I have always wanted one for several years now. The things I have dreamed up to make.
From altar cloths to designs on our costuming. Well for those interested I created an award level of donations, those who donate will be placed on a list and will have the first embroidery made items.

Award Levels:
  • $5.00: 1 patch
  • $10.00 1 patch and 1 Pouch: they are versatile bags that can be used to hold runes, dice, tarots, and anything else you may need it for.
  • $15.00 Voodoo Pin Cushion
  • $20.00 set of 3 tree ornaments
  • $25.00 set of 6 goddess dolls (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, White)
  • $35.00 Altar/Tarot/Rune Cloth
  • $40.00 1 patch and a Case( tablet/e-reader)
  • $75.00 Messenger bag and Case (tablet/e-reader)
  • $100.00 Choice of 1: Jerkin/Medieval Over Coat, Twill Corset, Medieval Vest
  • $200.00 Choice of 1: Cloak, Robe, Corset, Medieval Dress
  • $300.00-$400.00  Quilt and a choice from the $100.00 mark
  • $500 and up 1 patch, 1 Messenger Bag, 1 pouch, Set of 3 tree ornaments, Goddess dolls or Voodoo Dolls, 1 choice at $200.00 mark, 1 quilt.
  • Invite to store grand opening party
Designs of embroidery are but not limited to: Goth type designs, Medieval, Fantasy, Halloween, Pagan, Science, Cute children, Science, Star astrology, apothecary, Zombies, Winter, Elements, Geek , Sunbonnet Sue, Fairy Tails, Nature, ALice in wonderland, Steampunk and many others.

Our Go FundMe Main Page Link
Embroidery Raiser direct Link
Celtic Knot-work done on the sewing machine. 

Lion Crest done on the sewing machine, took 2 hours.
Dragon on the sewing machine took 1 hour

Eagle on the sewing machine took one hour
*Update May 26, 2013*

We have been pre-approved for a machine! They want $600 for the down payment so we lowered the go fund me goal on the machine. The amazing thing about this machine is that it has a light pen pad system that will allow us to create our own designs! Or even trace a customers original work for there order! Thank you all for your support in this, we also like to mention we will be able to monogram as well!

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