Friday, May 17, 2013

SacredOak Productions

The Hubby and I have decided to expand our creative skill. We plan to open members to all over the world, have meetings via web and in person if possable. Members wishing to join will need to e-mail us or go directly to the facebook group.  Members need to have Skype or other video chat abilities as well, so we can keep in touch.

A web Production group. Working to create several Web Series.
Shows Currently in the raw stages: Elderscroll Series, Steampunk Adventures, Pagan Talks, Cosplay and LARP Adventures, Paranormal Happenings.
We are opening Membership to those in other states, Meetings will take place 1 to 2 times a month via web chat.

We will also have classes over Equipment and stage building.

Those wishing to join in must fill out a simple application.
Departments but not limited to what is listed.
Writers, Camera Operators, Sound Tech, Visual Effects, Actors, Costumers, Artisits, Prop Builders.
This is all on a learning curve as well, if you have basic skills or no skills we are willing to teach what we know. If your a LARPer this is a great way to get your skills to the next level for your games.
We will write letters of refrence on everything you work on.
This is for fun, for the pure enjoment of doing something creative. We do not expect much other then the satasfaction of working with other creative folks.
If your an Artist and you happen to sell your works, we will link to your website to help Cross promote your work. 

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