Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Link Crossbow WIP

Last October at our RenFair there was a vender who were selling simple crossbows. So we bought one for our son. Before anyone says anything about giving an autistic child a crossbow, he dosnt have any real intreast in it. What I am doing is painting it and once finished it will be a wall display pice for when he does want to learn to use it.

So here are the beginnings:

Next phase is to spray paint it white, then add the colors. Took 3 days for the white layer to not be tacky to the touch.

The potted plant is what I got for Mothers day, A total shade/house plant. I didnt know at the time set it outside it nearly died. Therfe was no tags on it but within 24 hours it perked back up.  Back to the crossbow, I started the paint job maybe by next week it will be finished.

May 15, 2013: Okay I finished earlier then expected all it now needs is clear coat spray, but its raining right now.

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