Sunday, August 14, 2011

Custom Circlets

Made to fit most adult heads. Made to be adjustable either with ribbon or cording.
Made with artistic color wire and pewter charms.
Stirling Silver is available upon request and will cost $75.00 per circlet.
Gold Plated Available upon request and will cost $85.00 per circlet
To add gold or silver in with the color please ask for a qute it all depends on how much of the color you are wanting.
Charms Available in Pewter: Butterflys, Cresent Moons, Pentagrams, Star of David, Goddess,
To add Gemston Beads into the weaving please e-mail us for a quite it all dpends on the stone and how many one wants in the circlet.
Make Great Gifts, Great for Gatherings, LARPS, SCA, Ren Fairs.

Artistic Wire Colors: Silver, Gold, Brass, Black, Saphire Blue, Brown, Magenta, Red, Green, Purple

Please let us know your colors, Head size if known, and the charm you wish in an e-mail.

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