Monday, June 27, 2011

Old Banners

Today is Old Memories Day  for us. About 5 years ago I made few banners for the LARP we were in. The following are not all of the ones I made but a few.

The First one is a Tavern Banner that we did called "The Drunken Griffin" This is a reversible banner. Which mans it is actually 2 put back to back. The front side the tavern name is done in Moon Runes. All fabric Appliquéd. I used Paint and fabric markers for the details. I was not very good then with sewing machine applique work. The pics doesn't really do it any justice. The only thing its missing is a banner pole in the top.

This banner is the one I made for LeUricks Elven Race. In the Game we had an Elven Court. and the creator made Elven Nation Insignias. This one it the Dark Elves. All Fabric applique no paint. All that is missing is a banner pole through the top.

I have many more someplace but for now these were the only ones I found. I hope you enjoyed our past projects :)

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