Thursday, June 9, 2011

Custom Order: Skyrim Robe

*Caution Picture Heavy Post!*
*May 29th*
Most of our work is Custom orders, while we do come up with our own designs we love doing custom as well. After all it is the Customers item and they should be  able to get what they want. Recently we were commissioned to make a robe but not just any robe. The customer wanted the Skyrim Dragon painted on the back. For those who are not sure what that is, we will tell you. The Dragon emblem from the Morrowind Games. He also wanted the Nine Nobel Virtues translated in Thebian Runes and painted on the edge of the robe as the trim. This project has taken a lot of time but it has been worth it. The following is the sketches to the finished robe. Enjoy!
Rough Sketch of the robe design.
These virtues were translated into Theban Runes which took 35 minutes
(Reference of the Alphabet)
Translation Notes

Translation Notes

The Dragon that will be enlarged and painted on the back of the robe

Cloak Clasp

Cloak Clasp that fits in my palm and I have small hands.
Cloak Clasp next to the silver fabric paint and acrylic paint that will be used on the robe.

Back of robe, Its been cloudy and humid outside the pics were not coming out, so I had to do them inside.

With sleeve extended.

Side front with hubby.

Silver machine stitched boarder that the runes will be placed inside to make the boarder.

Using a seamstress pencil I started the translations into the boarder.

Practice with the paints left side acrylic right side Fabric paint.

Fabric paint 

I had to paint the letters in sections this took almost two days alone. While I waited for sections to dry I worked on my Circlet some.

Must keep busy to keep the boardroom away!

Hubby Did the enlarging of the dragon and due to copy right laws we had to change the dragon up a bit. 
After centering the Big Embroidery Hoop in the back hubby then used his pattern and traced the dragon onto the back and I painted the outline.

After several hours of waiting for the outline to dry he then painted the first coat of the silver dragon. We will see after it dry's if it needs touch ups. Then after that we will then Heat set it and make sure all dust, lint and stray hairs are removed by putting it through the wash and dryer and then iron again. This process also makes sure all pencil marks are removed as well as making it set even more. So far this Robe has taken just over a week to make. 

*June 8th* Finished pictures of the garment And soon to be a custom listing in our shop for those who must have one with the option of the dragon of being painted or appliqued.

(I have come for your soul) 
Sorry couldn't resist the caption

Well thats it, A nearly 3 weeks project has come to a close. And yes if you are wondering the robe is a bit on the scifi design but it works and this robe would look good with a silver/chain type belt ;)

Keep your eyes peeled at our shop to see it listed soon!

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