Friday, March 6, 2009

New items up

We have some new items up!
On Etsy:
Strawberry Loofah Soap
Victorian Rose Glycerin Soap

On Our Website:
Herbs in 1 oz
Bath Ritual Kits
Herbal Tea Blends
Parchment Posters
Hand Milled Soaps

What we have curing:
Goat milk soaps, we have three different ones we will be reviling by next Wednesday.
And Egyptian blend, Oatmeal and Jasmine, and plain goats milk.

What is on the cutting board?
Currently we have a one of a kind up cycled corset. This too should be ready by next week.

Whats in the melting pot: currently nothing new just some custom orders, we had hoped to have our Green Beer Candles out by now but these might have to wait a while ;)

Thanks for reading and remember to visit us often!

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