Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Oh Monday!

We have been so busy lately. With the kids out for Spring Break (fever) its been a zoo here since Friday! We have accomplished some things this weekend, such as a new look to an old classic. We do mean our Votive candles which have a growing fallowing as of late. The candles are made from Palm Wax which gives of an interesting crystal look to them. Many candle makers dont like this wax but we love it for the fallowing reasons:
  • It lasts longer
  • Holds color and scent better then paraffin wax
  • When cooled it sparkles like little gems on the bottom of a cave that catches the right amount of light.
  • The wax is easily removed from our molds and off any surface that it was dripped on by accident.
Many Candle makers say because it lasts longer that its bad for business, we say different since we started using this wax and offering it in many colors and scents we have had more requests. Did we mention its Eco friendly? Its from a plant a grow able renewable resource, For this reason many have classified Palm wax as Eco Friendly. It still burns and puts of Carbon as any candle does because fire consumes. We try to be sensitive to our environment when we make our products. And with every customer feedback we get an idea of what you want from us.Photobucket We also have been busy with our soaps and free gifts, yes free gifts with every order. What could these gifts be? They are samples of our candles, soaps, incense, and anything we feel might tickle your fancy. Yes Its a surprise gift a thank you for ordering with us and here have a try at something else that might be of interest to you!Photobucket Did we mention Soaps? This is our plain Goats Milk soap, it came out really well for an hand milled soap. It melted very creamy and actually poured into the molds. Normally through the hand milled process its a clumpy thick fun mess to move around. But this texture was amazing to us. And besides Goats Milk is good for the skin right? Its not listed yet but son will be on our etsy shop.
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