Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another Website Update!

It seams we are doing a lot of updating late lol. We have added some more items on our site some familiar some New!
We have:
Parchment Posters
1 oz Herbs
Tea Blends
Ritual Bath Kits
and tons of other things that have yet to be added!

Many are concerned that we might be leaving Etsy, This is not true. We will always have items in Our etsy shop. We are now using Our Etsy shop for our One Of A Kind items and those items we get from our suppliers. We are and always use etsy for our hand made items (even purchases!). Our website allows us to inter grade many of the famous check out systems without having to manually send invoices.
Although for now we use mostly PayPal, Google Checkout and Money Orders we do plan to have many other payment options available. Our goal is to make your shopping as smoothly and convenient for you as much as possible without losing our personal touch. We thank all who has asked us and we have no plans to shut our Etsy Shop anytime soon.

So tell all your friends that we are adding new ways for you to shop with us! Enjoy our site and BB!

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