Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Altar Kits

We have created 2 Altar kits. These are designed to help the practitioner get started on there path.  Our kits are easily over $100.00 each, we are selling them for $75.00. We need to move inventory out. Our loss is your gain and with the shipping issues you are even saving more! These fit in a flat rate box which ships for $12.00 your paying $4.50 in the USA!

Each Kit contains the following:

  • Bag of polished stones: Carnelian, plain jasper, moonstone, fancy jasper, amethyst, citrine, black onyx and bloodstone. Sizes may very with every kit. 
  • sage smudge wand small, 
  • three pieces of charcoal, 
  • a charcoal burner, 
  • 5 packets of our spell mixes 1/2 ounce. 4 winds, Healing spell mix, releasing spell mix, banishing spell mix, and purification spell mix. 
  • Wooden altar tile gold tone pentagram, 
  • A good sized pice of Dragons Blood Resin 
  • a small brass altar bell approx. 1 inches tall. 

Triple Moon  and Pentagram Kits.

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