Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Goals

I normally dont do any goals or anything, I never seam to be able to keep them. This year is going to be diffrent. We need big changes and I have to be able to do better for my family.

  • This year we will buy our own place. We plan to find at least 1-2 acres where we can set up a work shop and a place for Willow's mom. 
  • New equipment: such as sewing machines and at least one embroidery and serger machine. 
  • Garden Space- I really miss playing in the dirt.
Although these may not be very many goals these are the biggest and most desperately needing to do this year. Everything else will fall into place.

I dont like talking about how bad things are for us, it seams thats all there is lately. A nasty stalemate.  Well this year we plan to change it. We need it to change. 

As for Creativity Goals we plan to add Poppets, voodoo dolls, and many other great handmade items. 
Website has been updated to be able to accept Credit and Debit cards without using paypal or google checkout. 

We wish everyone a Happy New Year and may you meet your goals as well!

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