Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keepsakes For the Grandparents

Well willow decided she needed to make the Kids Grandmas something special. She Decided to fill two tiny mason jars with the kids birth colors. She went with swarovski crystals as they were not as expensive as the kids actual stones. Each one cost her close to $10.00 to make in materials alone. A nice investment for something the grandmas will treasure.

Close up on the words
 The Heart Says: May the love of these stones fill your Heat, and know your Grandchildren Love you for always. Then the Birth colors for each child as well as there astrological sign and colors.

Close up on the bottle, She used Epoxy to seal the bottles and quark. 

Closeup on the bottle with the 3 color layers.

Sharpie pen for size reference.

Close up on the bottle with her thumb for size reference.
If Willow was to make these for people they would have to be listed as Custom Orders and would cost about $16.00 before shipping. These were fun to do up and so simple anyone can do them. We hope you liked our little share :)

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