Thursday, July 7, 2011

Earth Robe

I have just started a few days ago on an Earth Robe design. Unfortunately I only had enough brown to do a child size as my example. So I shrank down the pattern sewn it up. Unfortunately I still made it way to big for our model.

I then went to Urban Threads and got  there Earth Elemental Hand embroidery design. I printed it out to fit the paper as is, traced it onto the back of the robe after having to enlarge the design to fit. Instead of Hand stitching I went with paints and painted it up.

I then found an earth chant and translated it into Elven Writing I had the font in my font directory in my comp. It is JRR Tolkens Elvish Script.

I then made my boarder using a bright green thread. I then took my gel pen and began writing the letters into the boarder. This took a few hours. Now I then took my Green Ivy fabric paint and traced the letters. I did this in sections and took about 2 days.
The Elven Boarder Painted

Earth Element with 1/2 inch grid

Enlarged Earth Element with 1 inch grid

Phase 1 of painting the Earth Design.

The original Toggles did not have holes so I had to leather punch some so we could sew it right onto the robe.

Close up.

Back view of the robe.

Close up we decided not to paint the trunk, the earth pieces are copper acrylic.


Close up on the toggle clasp on the front.

I then Heat set the back image and then put it in the wash on its lonesome. Allowed to hang dry then Ironed it again.

And I then added a leather simple loop and toggle closure.

Well thats it, Keep your eyes peeled for a listing on the website very soon.

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