Saturday, July 30, 2011

Auctions: Full of Great Deals

Yes we are doing Auctions, We need to make room. LOts of good deals will be going up during the weekend.  We started using GothAuctions again. It is a free Auction site with a lot of great folks :)

Handmade Bath Set: Silky Milk Bath, Willow's Tea Bath, Dragons Blood Bath Salts, Victorian Rose Soap
Click here to go to the Auction Listing

Pentagram Chest with Charcoal, Pentagram Tile, 4 spell mixed and White Sage.
Click here to visit the listing. 

Pentagram Round Chest with Black Dragons blood Votive Candle, Healing Spell Mix, Wooden Pentagram Tile,  And Charcoal 
Click here for the Pentagram Chest Auction.

Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest with: Willow's Tea, Spa Soap Peppermint, Rain Sea Salts 
Click here for the Hecate Treasure Box Auction

Celtic Pentagram Mango Wood Chest with Wooden Pentagram Tile, White Dragons Blood Votive Candle, Purification Spell Mix, 1 roll of Charcoal 10 diskettes in a roll.
Click here For the Celtic Pentagram Auction.

Celtic Cross Box with 3 lady Choice teas: Vitamin C, Awaken Vitality, and Prosperity Tea, 1 Wire mesh tea ball.
Click here for the Celtic Cross Box Auction.

We will be adding Tons more all Weekend, To visit our list of Auctions click here. By selling these off we will be able to make room for the bigger projects we would love to do. Enjoy!

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