Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Update on Blue Fuzzy Slippers

Well after a week of nothing from them today PayPal decided in my favor, I got my $20.00 back. I only wished it had happen in a more professional way, but it didn't, They ignored me after they had asked me questions about it, It would have been nice if they would have said "Yes we made a mistake here is your money back" In all honesty I can not tell my friends and competition to use them as a selling medium, If your an artist just be careful if you do decide to open a shop with them. It could have been a program error and they probably have this fixed but I can not risk it. I will not be using Blue Fuzzy Slippers for my shop needs. We will be focusing more on getting our own website up and going before we use an auction site.

Thank you all who wrote to us and help ease our stress/tensions. Things are going back on schedule and should be near normal by the end of next week.


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