Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blue Fuzzy Slippers

We opend an account with Blue Fuzzy Slippers auction site about 2-4 months ago. This site is under major construction and lots of glitches. Recently for some reason we notice a strange subscription that we did not purchase. Apperiantly they took $20.00 from us and are claiming that our account is working fine. IT is not, we didnt want to open a shop on them, and it didnt upgrade our accunt since they changed theire fee to $25.00 it didnt do anything but give us hell over our $20.00. I had e-mailed them but heard nothing, It took a dispute through paypal to make them answer theire e-mails. They still claim our account is fine but it isnt fine. I want my money back so I can close it down. FuzzyB is fine for buying dont be a seller through them, not until they fix theire subscription and account info. Normally we dont use our selling blog for such emitions but we feelt that our customers, friends and fans should know so that they might put in this one inccident in theire minds. One should never have to do a dispute through paypal just to get an answer about why theire money was taken from them. Theire customer service stinks and so do theire practices.
an update since I started writing this post (which has taken me most of the day), they are saying i dont deserve my money back and that its not refundable, thats insane I never used theire service why should i have to lose out on $20.00? It didnt even upgrade my account (i know i said this a few sentances back). But we are fustrated and upset that someone would steel $20.00 from a small bussness and would think we wouldnt notice. As a small bussness we track every penny, every shipment, and every transaction we have to for many many reasons. Now they dont understand the words refund, subscription or so called account upgrade. These words are not that uncommon in the world. They also claim that we didnt send any e-mails either, which i kept every single one. I belive this to be poor service and I know that I havent done anything positive by typing out our fustrations, in so many levels this too is unprofesional. I just wanted those who are curious about FuzzyB to be aware that nothing is as secure as it should be. I feel that they wont give me my money even with the open dispute in paypal. They have really given me a headach in the past few hours. at first they said it was a program issue (which it might be) but they still havent refunded my $20.00 thats all I want. No excuses no frills no selling account just my money back. Is that so much to ask? as soon as this clears up i will be shutting my account down and will not be looking back.
This is one of the reasons whay we stoped useing e-bay almost 2 years ago. Weird charges weird fees, its just not worth the headach over it all. I will write an update over this issue once it has been cleared up. But I do wonder am I the only one that is having issues with them and with ITCAuctions?

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