Friday, September 28, 2012

Custom Order: Wheel Of Hecate Altar Cloth

The following is an Altar Cloth that I was asked to make for a customer. In the center is The Wheel of Hecate and in the corners is Skeleton Keys.

The Wheel and keys were made by using a method called screen painting. What we did was create the screens with the images. We then pushed paint through to get the image on the fabric. 

Then outlined the keys with silver paint.
Once it was all dry and heat set we then put a layer of muslin and another of the red fabric together. Making the cloth three layers.

 We then quilted silver thread around the wheel design. This helps to keep the layers together while it is washed and dry. It will prevent bunching and other issues that might happen if we didn't quilt it together. The silver can be seen on the back better then the front. 

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