Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Samhain Altar Candle Set

I had created this as more of a curiosity, and to my surprise it has become an instant popular want. I just wished I had made them ages ago ;)

I personally would like to thank everyone who has shared the listing with all there friends. Over the past weekend our website hits have doubled since we put them on our website.

If your needing these by Halloween You should place your order in now while supplies lasts! All Hand poured candles and mixed by me, Willow. I had made these thinking they would be a great aid for anyones services for Halloween. I know we use them on our Remembrance altar where we place pictures or items of those who have left this plan. The Parchment is blank on the back so that way you or your group can write a ritual, prayer or other works for the Samhain Night.

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